10 Truly Amazing Places to See Before You Die

World is filled with incredible beauty. Incredible beauty includes both man-made and natural. Most of you have never seen everything that the world offers you. If you have opportunity to visit world tour, then don't waste your time to making plans. Just scroll down, here we have listed out breath-taking and amazing places that you should visit before you die. Check out which one has you never seen. Every location of wonderful world offers you different climate conditions and activities to do. Natural breath-taking mountains, pink lakes, beautiful beaches and more wonderful places or cities are tourist attraction view of any countries. Chill out with your family on these exotic and amazing places before you die.

10 Truly amazing places to see before you die:-

1. Glass Beach, California:

Glass Beach is located in Fort Bragg, California. It is well-known as southern beach of MacKerricher State Park. The name Glass beach clearly defines that you can see smooth colourful glass pieces here as shown in picture picture. This is the one of beautiful, colourful and exotic beach to enjoy with family or friends.

2. Kaikoura, New Zealand:

Kaikoura is small town located in New Zealand. Currently, this small town has gained popularity as one of whale watching place. Here, you can find out whales in any season from the shore as well as out of sea. Kaikoura is famous for world's rarest and smallest dolphins, which is only found in New Zealand. You should see this place and creature of nature before die.

3. Tunnel of cherry trees, Germany:

Want to explore nature closely? Then prefer to visit Germany before die. Tunnel of trees is located in the Bonn, Germany which is also described as Bonn Street. In the season of spring this is booming with pink blossoms. You can see the jaw dropping beauty of this tunnel in picture.

4. River of Flowers, Holland:

Holland is located in Netherlands which is popular as world's largest flower exporter. Here you can find the river of flower which is located in the small town of South Holland. You can visit to Keukenhof which opens only in spring season near Amsterdam.

5. The Fairy Pools, Scotland:

Thinking about amazing places in Scotland? The fairy pool is one of most exciting place. Tourists come from all over the world in Scotland especially for fairy pool. It is located in the west of Carbost village on the brittle river. This pool offers you landscaping, rock castle, forests and bathing in the fairy pool.

6. Qasr Al Sarab, Abu Dhabi-

One of the best vacation spot with family is Qasr Al Sarab Resort in Abu Dhabi. This resort is located in the legendary Liwa Desert. Liwa desert is the one of the largest uninterrupted sand deserts all over the world. All over the world, visitors come to enjoy the luxury and comfort of Abu Dhabi's Qasr Al Sarab Resort. Here you can also enjoy the ride on a camel.

7. Luray:

Looking for peaceful city? Luray is a charming and small town of Virginia, United States. This is the one of beast natural and exotic place to live or to visit with family. Mountain climbing, river valley and underground topography are the best experience sights of Luray. Other beautiful & stunning sights of Luray are local winery, live music or theatre, choices in dining, main streets where shopkeeper offer locally-made goods and outdoor equipment.

8. Pipeline, Hawaii:

Looking for surfing place to see before die? Oahu located in Hawaii; United States is very well known surfing place. Oahu holds the record of extraordinary surfing spot. Pipeline's ride is the dream of every surfer lover.

9. Paparora national park:

Paparora national park is located in New Zealand. It is famous for its richness in minerals and wildlife. limestones formations and sculptured mountains are the attraction for tourists. You can explore and enjoy the beauty of park.

10. Santorini Island, Greece

Greece is fully loaded with its natural and romantic places. Santorini Island is one of most beautiful, exotic and romantic place all over the Greek. Little, white villas and well architect villages are designed on the edges of Santorini Island.

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