3 Top Activities You Can do at Coolum Beach

Coolum Beach is a paradise if you love golfing and surfing, and of course if you love having a carefree holiday as well. It is well loved by all tourists because of its lovely beach towns, picturesque shopping areas and places where you can get loads of entertainment.

There are hotels and private properties from where you can get a stunning view of the pristine beaches out there. If you want to go out for long walks with your loved ones, then there are beautiful backstreets lined with trees on either side, offering shade and tranquility for miles. From here, you can get a fantastic view of Mount Coolum! There are several fantastic Coolum beach accommodation apartments here too.

Coolum Beach

Coolum Beach

This makes is one of the best coastal towns in this area for its stunning landscape and tourist attractions. In this article, we shall see what are some of the several tourist attractions in this place, and why.

  1. Mount Coolum- It is not exactly a Mount Everest, but Mount Coolum is challenging enough for mountain climbers. After all, Mount Coolum is the second largest piece of rock on the face of this early. It is a 25-million old laccolithic rock that is a haven for mountain climbers. You simply need to see this place when you come to Coolum. From the top, you will get to behold spectacular views and see far to the distant horizons. Just make sure you pack some energy bars and a camera! You will want to click the whole film when you climb on the top of Mount Coolum.
  2. Enjoy yourself at the Aqua Park Coolum: If you are coming here with family, friends, kids and colleagues, then one of the places you simply should not miss is the Coolum Beach Aqua Park. It is unique as it contains one of the largest collections of inflatable toys for fun at every age. Here you will get slides, trampolines, blast bags, challenge tracks, swings, wobble pads, balance beams and much more. You can chill out here all day if you like! Inside the property, there are floating tracks where all the fun happens and on the edges, there are extensive walkways with extensive shades. At the park, you will find free barbecue areas, picnic benches, changing rooms and even sun lounging benches! For energetic beverages, enjoy the finest coffee at the new cafe and yummy food from one of the several kiosks.
  3. Come to the Coolum Surf School to learn surfing: If you are new to surfing and have never tried this before but would love to learn it anyway, this place is ideal for you. In fact, this place has infrastructure and safety procedures so fantastic that the entire family can learn surfing here! Here you can learn new tricks, learn the basic ones and show off your newly learned moves too!
Coolum Surf School

Coolum Surf School

As you can see, there is a lot of opportunity here for having a fantastic vacation. There is much to do for the entire family, so much so that you will not feel bored during the entire trip. Taking a vacation at Coolum Beach means taking an unforgettable one, especially if you put up at a Coolum beach accommodation apartment.

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