4 Tips to Book Around The World Business Class Tickets at Affordable Rates

Travelling with round the world business class tickets is a dream for many. Who doesn’t want the luxury and convenience of flying in comfort during long-haul flights? However, most people don’t even think about upgrading from economy to business because they of the difference in costs. What many people don’t know is that many of the folks who are flying business class actually bought their tickets at affordable rates.

round the world ticket

round the world ticket

Can you book around the world business class tickets without burning a hole in one’s pocket? Definitely. Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Redeem frequent flyer points.
    If you regularly fly either for business or for leisure, then you can use your flier points to purchase around the world business class tickets. Don’t redeem your rewards for shopping or hotel reservation. Instead, save your airline miles and use them to upgrade your round the world ticket.
  2. Use credit card rewards as frequent flyer points.
    Using your credit card rewards for your round the world tickets of business class is also a great way to save some serious money. Of course, you have to check if your credit card rewards are transferable to the airline mile program that you are booking. In case you do not have the right card, apply for a partner credit card. Make sure that the card allows 1:1 transfer of points and that it partners with different airline flyer programs. Lastly, choose a card that rewards you for dining out and shopping so that you can gain flyer points faster.
  3. Shop from the airline alliance’s affiliated merchants.
    To earn more frequent flyer points, shop from online stores that partner with a major airline alliance. Always use your credit cards so you can earn twice. You can also find some affiliated hotels where you can earn tens of thousands of miles.
  4. Book through a travel agency.
    Many travel agencies offer around the world business class tickets at much more affordable prices. They also provide an opportunity to customise your own RTW tickets.These agencies book your flight on your behalf so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out the best possible way to maximise your flyer points.

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