4 Volcanic Formations You Love to Explore During Galapagos Islands Vacation

Galapagos Islands Pinnacle Rock
Galapagos Islands Pinnacle Rock

When it comes to Galapagos Islands vacation, a lot of people get excited to see the unique and untouched flora and fauna of this wonderland. But, Galapagos islands vacation is not all about exploring fearless animals, endemic birds, fascinating marine life, pristine beaches, lush greenery, and stunning landscapes. There are various other things which can leave you with jaw-dropping vacationing experience. As it is all known that Galapagos archipelago is the result of numerous volcanic eruptions, here you can also find some spectacular geologic rock formations that you would never want to give a miss during your Galapagos Islands vacation. Continue reading this article to know about them in detail.

Kicker Rock

Located north of San Cristobal Island, Kicker rock is considered as one of the most popular volcanic formations in Galapagos. Having an structure of enormous shark fin, Kicker rock has made its mark as the most famous snorkeling site in Galapagos to explore a large number of rays, sea lions, Galapagos sharks, turtles, and other popular marine species. Apart from wonderful marine attractions, Kicker rock is also considered as the best destinations to explore hundreds of blue-footed boobies and frigate birds.

Galapagos Islands Kicker Rock
Galapagos Islands Kicker Rock

Las Grietas

Located on Santa Cruz, Las Grietas has been attracting visitors for years to have an amazing traveling experience. This secluded lagoon is filled with brackish water and formed as two enormous cliffs that move apart from each other. Though there are few fishes which you can explore here, what attract visitors the more is the color of the water. The water is so clear that you can easily see both ends and even the plants that grow at the bottom.

Las Grietas Santa Cruz Island (Ecuador)
Las Grietas Santa Cruz Island (Ecuador)

Pinnacle Rock

One of the most famous attractions of Galapagos, pinnacle rock attracts visitors by its beauty. Located on Bartolome islands, the beach around the pinnacle rock is known as the best snorkeling site for exploring some of the most wonderful marine creatures of Galapagos. If lucky enough, here you will get an opportunity to swim with Galapagos penguins.

Galapagos Islands Pinnacle Rock
Galapagos Islands Pinnacle Rock

Darwin’s Arch

Formed naturally due to volcanic eruption, Darwin’s arch is located just offshore Darwin Island. Apart from its beauty, what compels visitors to explore this landmark is the diving experience the water around them offer. Diving around this arch will give you a great opportunity to have an encounter with numerous fascinating marine species like hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, Galapagos sharks, whale shark, sea turtles, moray eels, eagle rays, and various other colorful fishes.

Galapagos Islands Darwin's Arch
Galapagos Islands Darwin’s Arch

These are some of the landmarks that you would like to explore during your Galapagos Islands vacation. As all landmarks and attractions are no located close to each other, you need the help of an experienced and specialized tour operator to create an itinerary that covers all you want along with other attractions that will leave you with full of surprises.

Nowadays, finding a tour operator is not a daunting task. By doing a little homework over the internet, you can easily find a tour operator that will help you in organizing an amazing traveling experience for yourself.

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