5 Aspects of Event Apps UK Built With Limited Resource

A recent Deloitte study has concluded that 43% of cell phone users across the globe start using their phones within five minutes of waking up. In today's world, smart phones and smart applications are major necessities of life. This obsession is also reflected in event industry. Smart phone is a major channel for attendees to access event information 24*7 and engage in successful networking. A study in UK suggests that over the last five years, the demand for event apps UK has increased rapidly.

The organizations arranging events or conferences incorporate mobile strategies so that the experience of the attendees is enhanced. For many organizations, the primary concern in deploying an application for upcoming events is limited resources. Be it tight budget, be it small team of developers or be it time constraint- there are five aspects which every corporation should keep in mind while developing event applications.

1. Multi-Tenant Operation- If an organization has limited resource, it is good for them to go for a particular vendor's app within which the attendees will be able to download their event. The extravaganza of having a branded app exclusive to an organization requires human resource, substantial money and considerable approval time. On the contrary, hiring a particular vendor's app is easy. Even though the brand name will not be there, the organization can still make some customization before implementation.

2. Features Befitting the Attendees- Research is an indispensable aspect for every new implementation. Every organization should analyze the size of the event and the demographics of the attendees before investing in any event application. There are a lot of factors to be considered- the average age of the attendees, their tech-savviness, personalization of the schedule, notes about the conference etc. Studying these factors helps to understand the attendees and select those features which will match their needs.

3. Data Import- It is important to implement a tool to import data so that you can modify the event data quickly. If the app provider allows the user to import data with just a few clicks, then nothing like it! This saves time and helps to keep the attendees updated about any modification in the schedule.

4. Self-control Portal- In the ideal setup for event apps for conferences in UK, event sponsors, speakers and exhibitors should be able to manage their own profile. The management portals should allow them to upload their logo, description of the organization, social media handles and other documents. This will make the stakeholders happy as they are getting increased exposure. On the other hand, this will also help the organizing company to save human resource.

5. Monetization- Event applications are great avenues for advertising revenue. The organization that is arranging the conference should determine how much space they can sell to the sponsors. The sponsor packages should also be designed accordingly. This is a win-win situation where the sponsors get a brilliant marketing platform and the organizers can cover the cost of the event from the app itself.

Limited resource does not mean limited opportunities. If your organization is running on limited resources, that should discourage you from deploying any of the popular event apps UK. On the contrary, if you keep these 5 aspects in mind, your event can be an enriching experience for your attendees.

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