5 Experiences You Just Can’t Miss in Bali


The Indonesian island of Bali is an enchanting realm of verdant volcanic mountains, sprawling rice paddies, tranquil beaches and vivid coral reefs. Laden with luxurious resorts, it’s one of the most loved destinations among couples in Southeast Asia. If you are looking for a spot for a languid vacation with your significant other or the entire family, then pick Bali and let the fun quotient go through the roof. This haven for nature lovers is also an apt destination for a solo vacation where you can behold natural bounties from up-close and enjoy a feast for the senses. But before you book your international flight tickets, check out these 5 experiences you can’t miss in Bali.


Surfing at Kuta Beach

A rustic and placid fishing village just a short while ago, Kuta Beach has transformed into a hub of resorts, nightclubs and shopping venues in a very short span. It also has one of the most sought-after beaches in all of Bali. If you ever visit Kuta Beach during your Bali vacation, as you must, then do not miss out on indulging in some surfing.

Indulge in the Nightlife

Bali may be better known for its indulgent resorts and holistic spas, but it also boasts an electrifying nightlife that is a dream-come-true for every party freak. As the sun goes down, this natural paradise morphs into a land of effervescent parties that don’t stop till dawn. And, you have got to visit one of the buzzing nightclubs. If you are a party animal, then be making international flight bookings already.

Go for a Seawalk

Forget about snorkelling and scuba diving, Bali has for you a unique experience that is sure to give you the memories for a lifetime – sea walking. It is precisely what it sounds like – a walk in the sea. The activity takes you to the bed of the ocean and gives you a chance to come face-to-face with the aquatic life. A large number of operators offer the activity and you will have no trouble finding one.

Explore Goa Gala-Gala

Goa Gala-Gala is one of the most underrated tourist attractions in all of Bali. It is an underground house carved out of limestone. It is built under 4 acres of land that is speckled with historical buildings that are a peek at the past.

Visit the awe-inspiring Rice Terraces

The rice terraces of Bali are one of the island’s most gorgeous features. And, you can’t return home without a visit to one of these. The rice fields also make for an ideal photography spot, so do not forget to pack your camera. The entire landscape of Bali is marked with rice fields so you will not have any problem finding a great one for a visit.


Score a fabulous flight booking deal right away and embark on a Bali adventure soon. This will surely become one of the most amazing holidays of your life.

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