5 Tips For Flying Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant airlines is known for its high quality services all around the globe. I recently had an opportunity to fly with Allegiant airlines, and i was highly satisfied with their services.

If you are looking for discounted airfare, must go with them. As they say “Travel is our deal”. When I compared the prices, I couldn’t able to believe my savings.

Allegiant air

I am sharing my experience and tips for flying with Allegiant airlines that would definitely help you in making your flight experience more pleasurable and with utmost comfort.

5 Tips for flying Allegiant Airlines

1. Seat Assignments

Wait what? Allegiant airlines are charging for seat assignments. I hope it was not true. The fee will vary depending upon the seat you choose in a plane.

We wanted a seat assigned as we utilized the time talking to business while in the air. It is less expensive to buy a seat prior to your flight. We discovered that app is easy to use and saves more time.

2. Smaller airports

Personally, I love that Allegiant airlines offer flights from the smaller airports. This is so beneficial as it took less time to get free from the security and moreover, the airports are not crowded. In addition to that, the parking is also right outside of the airport entrance and it was highly convenient to fly in and out without going through traffics.

3. How can you save money

By getting your boarding pass printed at home, you would save $5. You can even save money by adding more seats, checked bags and carry ons before you get to the airport.

Baggage fees are usually higher at the airport. I would suggest you to measure your bag carefully before going to the airport.

4. Bring your own snacks

Allegiant airlines usually charge for snacks and beverages. Yes, you are reading it right. I would recommend you to bring your food from home.


But it is not possible to carry beverages along with you as due to TSA guidelines unless they are less than 3 oz. We carried our own food from home with no concern. The price for soft drink and water was $2.

5. What is flights gets cancelled

You don’t need to worry about if your flight gets cancelled or delayed. If this happens, you can either take the rescheduled flight or cancel the reminder of the ticket for a refund of all the unflown segments.

So these were the 5 important tips for flying with Allegiant airlines. I hope this would help you while traveling with Allegiant airlines. Feel free to communicate with Allegiant airlines customer service. They would help you in transforming your trip into a memory.

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