5 Weekend Getaways From Delhi to Rejuvenate You

India is rapidly growing as a magnificent tourist attraction among all the local and international tourists. Delhi is well connected with many prominent tourist attractions that refresh the mind, body and soul. Rajasthan is known for majestic forts, royal palaces, lakes, sand dunes, camels and people dressed in brightly-colored costumes. Visit the beautiful and royal places of Rajasthan from Delhi that will make you fall in love with it.

Sariska Tiger Reaserve: Sariska Tiger Reserve is a national park and tiger reserve located in the Alwar district of the state of Rajasthan, India. Situated at a distance of around 180 kilometers from Delhi, Sariska is a well praised nature hunting destination. Covered with deciduous dry forests, Sariska brings amazing topography at the largest area of Rajasthan. The fauna includes variety of animals like Sambhar deer, leopards, crocodiles, hyenas, woodpeckers, Indian tigers, boars, peafowls and a number of other avian species and marsh animals. Splendid variety of flora and fauna is the major attraction of the vicinity.

Kota – Bundi: Bundi is a small city in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan, this city is very popular for its architecture, paintings and festivals. Tourists visit Bundi in large numbers to enjoy the Bundi Utsav. It is organised every year in November-December by Rajasthan State Tourism Department. most affordable and best Delhi cab services gives you Rajasthan weekend packages to make your next weekend noteworthy.

Karauli, the city of monuments: Karauli lies between Agra and Ranthambhore and therefore a stopover on this route. The fortified city of Karauli will give you a vivid idea about the rich art and architectural vivacity of ancient India. Situated at a distance of around 304 km from Delhi, the city of Karauli is also a major religious centre with a collection of more than 300 temples. A major attraction of Karauli is the fortnightly fair at Kaila Devi temple, this fair attracts plenty of tourists from across the country. Karauli is one of the weekend getaway options with car rental Delhi for travellers.

Samode Palace: The samode Palace is located near the samode village at a distance of 40 km. Samode is home to celebrated Samode Palace which is a 500 year old palace and a splendid example of regal Indo-Saracenic architecture, Dewan-i- khas is a major attraction of samode palace. Presently functioning as a luxurious hotel, it is known for its open courtyards, spacious rooms, and suites which have attached airy balconies. Located 250 km away from Delhi, so enjoy the amazing road trip with Delhi cab services and make your leisure time memorable.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: The Keoladeo Ghana National Park formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, a World Heritage Site, is the perfect home to almost thousands of birds all across the world. It is home to more than 366 species of birds, 379 species of plants, and around 30 mammals. Bird family in the park includes hundreds of aquatic birds that are natives of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, China, and Siberia.

The best time to visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is August – November for watching resident birds and October – March for spotting migratory birds. Bharatpur is located around 184 km away from the capital of the country, this short distance cab be covered easily with car rental Delhi comfortably.

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