7 Fun Things To Do In Central Texas

Hill Country

An old saying about the Lone Star State rings pretty accurately for anyone relocating to this part of the country: “I was born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.”

Everything is more significant and, for many, better in Texas, and this certainly goes for all the things to do no matter where you are. Do you like sports? Got em’. How about recreation? Done. Are you a fan of delicious food? Boy, howdy! There isn’t much that Texas can’t offer residents & visitors alike. But how do you choose what things to do in a state this large?

Some might say you should get to the highlights & promise yourself a return trip down the line. But what constitutes a ‘highlight’? Ask enough Texas travel & tourism insiders, and the consensus is that a whirlwind trip through central Texas is the way to go if you want to experience a little bit of everything while you’re here.

Exploring the Hill Country

Hill Country

Bluebonnets at Oxford Ranch
Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets at Oxford Ranch Campground

With an area of nearly 11.5 million acres available for exploration, you know you’ll have plenty to discover. Consistently ranking as one of the premier vacation spots in all of Texas (if not the nation), the Hill Country is home to a wide range of activities that are family-friendly & tap into the diverse cultural scope of the state.

Farmer’s Markets

Central Texas is known for some of the freshest produce anywhere, with agricultural enterprises, both large & small, happily bringing their wares to the masses. It’s also a great way to explore other food attractions like some of the most mouthwatering food anywhere.

Riverwalk in San Antonio

Riverwalk in San Antonio

Not only is the Riverwalk in San Antonio fun to walk, but you get a chance to see the city’s heart. Check out some of the SA’s best restaurants & boutiques as well.

Live Music in Austin

Though most folks talk about 6th Street, you can catch premier live music ANYWHERE in Austin. From headbanging metal goodness to some Texas two-stepping & everything in between, you’ll understand why Austin is hailed as the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

South By Southwest

SXSW Berlin Saloon

Take central Texas to live music kick you on to the next level by checking out SXSW. Once a tiny festival, SXSW has become THE place where the world goes for music you love & discover the next big industry stars. Other industries like film, technology, and humanities descend upon Austin with hopes of changing the world.

Outlet Stores in San Marcos

You can’t be in central Texas without doing some shopping. And there are few places better than the outlet stores in & around San Marcos. They have EVERYTHING! When you’re done, check out this fantastic city with all of its charming natural beauty & killer downtown eats & sips.

Baseball in Round Rock

Texas Baseball in Round Rock

If you like sports, the central Texas city of Round Rock has the Express minor league baseball team. With a close connection to Texas baseball legend Nolan Ryan & the state’s MLB teams, anyone who loves sports in its purest form has to take in a game if they can.

Perhaps the best part of finding the most extraordinary things to do in central Texas is that you’re never more than a short drive away from everything. This means that day trips to smaller towns should be explored and be a must if you’re in the area. Many central Texas residents escape bigger city life for the more serene settings just a few miles out of the way. What’s more, these little adventures ALWAYS yield hidden gems you & your family will love and keep you coming back.

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