Alternative Ways of Air Canada Check In

Air Canada is the top Canadian airline which flies to more than 180 destinations across the globe. It was started in 1937 as Trans-Canada Air Lines. It was privatized in 1988 and in the year 2000 it acquired Canada Airlines, its rival. The airline has been in the forefront of using modern technology to provide convenient, quick and easy services to its passengers. One of these services where Air Canada has used technology for convenience of passengers is the check in process improvement.

Air Canada Check In used to be done at the airport for a long part of its history. Passengers had to queue up in front of the check-in counters at airports and wait for their turn to get their boarding passes. However, the carrier offers a number of alternative means of checking in to its flights. This has reduced the pressure on airport check-in counters to a large extent. The use of internet-backed technology on different platforms has enabled

Web Check-In

Passengers can use their desktops and laptops to visit website of the airline and use the check in option provided for checking in. This facility is available 24 hrs before flight. Boarding pass can be printed and can even be had on your mobile. Kiosks kept at airport can also be used for printing the boarding passes.

Mobile Check In

Check In can also be done from your mobile device. You can simply browse the website of airline from mobile or download its mobile app for using the check-in facility. The timeline of using this facility is 24 hrs before departure time of flight.

Airport Kiosk

Besides the check-in counter, there are kiosk machines kept at the airport which can also be used for this purpose. Check-in using Air Canada airport kiosks begins 12 hrs prior to flight departure. Boarding pass can either be printed at the kiosk or it can even be sent to the mobile device.

Air Canada check in alternatives can be used as per your convenience. If you are travelling with the checked-in baggage, then there are provisions for getting baggage tags and leaving these bags at drop-off counters. These counters also have specific time periods of opening during which these bags shall be put. Passengers shall enquire about these time duration limits.

It is quite possible that the web or mobile check in facility is not available at certain airports. The list of all airports where this service is available or is not available shall also be seen before using it. Similarly, certain passengers are not entitled to use these alternative means of checking in. A list of these types of passengers who can not avail this facility is also provided by the airline.

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