An Easy And Simple Guide to Rent a Serviced Apartment in Singapore

An affordable housing solution for a few months would be to rent a serviced apartment in Singapore as hotels can turn out to be expensive. In fact, a serviced apartment in Singapore is a more practical alternative to staying in a hotel.

You can easily rent good quality furnished and equipped apartments in Singapore for a few months or for as long as you wish to stay.

Serviced apartments are a type of accommodation that provides guests with most of the hotel-like services and facilities. The key difference between serviced apartments and regular housing rentals is that serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments are equipped with all the daily amenities and features you would need for a comfortable stay, just like home.

Hence, when searching for renting serviced apartments in Singapore on monthly basis, you need to check the amenities provided by the rental service provider.

Serviced apartments are equipped with air conditioning, TV, washing machine and dryer, cooker and microwave oven, refrigerator and freezer, cutlery, dishes and cooking gear, kettle, coffee machine, toaster, vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board, bed sheets and towels. Some short-term housing rentals also offer pet-friendly apartments.

While choosing a serviced apartment for short term or medium term stay in Singapore, go for the ones that are located in full facilities condominiums. These apartments are usually located in family-friendly neighborhoods that have playgrounds for children, swimming pool, include utility subscription, maintenance and repairs, weekly housekeeping services and so on.

With all these facilities available in Singapore in short-term rental apartments, your stay in this beautiful city will be comfortable & hassle-free. You will feel as if you were staying at home.

Apart from amenities, you need to check the accessibility of the location. Look for serviced apartments nearer to your workplace to save yourself hours of needless commute. Also, make sure that the public transport is close to the serviced apartment as well all the amenities like supermarkets, food courts, restaurants are in the vicinity.

The rentals of such apartments vary depending on various factors like location, facilities provided, size of the apartment and more. You can choose the apartment depending on your requirement, whether you need space for 1 person or a family, you can choose between single Bedroom Apartment, or 2-3 Bedrooms Apartment or even Studios and Lofts.

Work out a budget and look for serviced apartments that are able to offer a good space and all amenities within the rental you have in mind. This will help you narrow down your search and get a good deal without much running around.

Lastly, always find a trusted housing solutions provider to help you get a quick and perfect solution for your short-term stay in Singapore. A reliable housing solutions provider will offer you a range of options as per your need, help you select the best rental in Singapore and assist you with the whole documentation process.

In Singapore, a short-term rental apartment with flexible lease duration and affordable monthly rental rates is the ideal housing solution if you need to stay in the city for a few months.

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