Availing License to Drive a Boat- The Step-by-step Procedure

All registered ships and vessels in Dubai need to have their respective permits for sailing. This permit is authenticated by the Dubai coat protectors prior to the ships going out on the water. Groups of vessels and boat owners enrolled in varied Emirates will need a license to drive a boat in the UAE. This is important irrespective of the fact that whether the boat is being used for finishing, anchoring or for some water sports activities. The vessels simply cruising in the waters of Dubai do not require any permits. However, any individual using a commercial or a private marine craft within the national waters of Dubai needs to take important steps for grabbing a drive a boat license in Dubai. This can be done by presenting valid documents to the Dubai Maritime City Authority.

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The Implementation of the DMCA Marine Craft Driving License

The DMCA or the Dubai Maritime City Authority has recently implemented the Marine Craft Driving License obligation for all vessel owners as part of its efforts to manage and regulate the local maritime field of the area. Application of the same requires proper licensing for the crew on business, personal, tourism, recreational and sports marine craft along with the inclusion of large and small-sized commercial marine and leisure craft vessels. It also includes conventional wooden dhows.

As per the implementation of the boat licensing part, it is completely prohibited to make use of any kind of marine craft within the territorial waters of Dubai unless the boat owner possesses a valid and duly approved license to drive a boat in Dubai from the DMCA. It is also important to note that all the applicants presenting their applications for marine craft license need to be medically fit. They must also have the practical and theoretical expertise and knowledge required for driving light marine containers, leisure crafts, and abras. The crew members present on traditional and commercial wooden dhows also need to have a clear understanding of the marine communication and radar systems along with navigation maps.

Additionally, they must have the ability to use different types of equipment for first-aid, firefighting, public safety, water pollution, and general safety.

How to Get License for Driving a Boat in Dubai?

Almost any individual making use of a commercial or a private marine craft within the territorial waters of Dubai requires having an authentic license for the same from the DMCA. The candidates or individuals willing to get a license for driving a boat in Dubai need to attend an examination conducted by the Dubai Maritime City Authority. If the candidate is successful in this examination, he or she gets a license up to 12 meters issued by the Dubai Marine Driver License. It is important for candidates to be medically fit for getting the license.

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The holders of IYT certificate will not have to sit for any other examination for getting the marine driver’s license issued by the DMCA. However, the medical test is an obligation for them. The candidates not holding the IYT certificate should contact the office of the DMCA for booking the most perfect source as per the type and size of boat they shall be driving. The holders of other certificates need to get in touch with the DMCA licensing department.

The license for driving a boat in Dubai allows the holders to drive boats that are minimum 12m in length. The license gets issued within a time span of just 30 minutes provided the application has been submitted successfully. Boat driving license in Dubai for non-commercial purposes and for pleasure boats remains valid for a time span of two years.

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