Book Cheap Flights to Chittagong And Explore These Historical Sites

Do you know one of the primary reasons why most people love to explore Chittagong? The answer is – they want to explore the historical and cultural sites that the city has. So if you too have a similar agenda, then you can book your cheap flights to Chittagong and make the most of the historical sites. Here are four popular sites that you can add to your bucket list.

Shrine of Bayazid Bostami:

This site has got its name from the well-known Islamic saint. The Shrine of Hazrat Bayazid Bostami is located on a sloping hill near Nasirabad. This shrine includes a tomb having a new age pattern, along with a very old mosque dating back to 1658-1707, i.e. the era of Aurangzeb. If the story by the locals is to be believed, then the body of Saint Hazrat Bayazid Bostami is not buried here. However, it is still considered as a place of devotion and historical eminence.

Chandanpura Mosque in Chittagong:

Chandanpura Masjid is an admired mosque situated in a very old part of Chittagong on Kaptai road. Being a well-known landmark the mosque is appreciated for its vast architecture that includes numerous minarets and domes painted in vibrant colors. Even though this site experienced renovation back in 1952, even today it requires apt maintenance.

Adhar Manik Shanti Niketan Buddhist Monastery:

The popular Adher Manik Shanti Niketan Buddhist monastery welcomes everyone to explore this site. You can even sit in peace in its premises. The total area of this monastery is approximately 2.3 acres. The atmosphere is very tranquil with an Askok tree located within the campus. You can head to the flower garden situated right in front of the site. Being established in the middle of two huge ponds this monastery has a distinctive visual appeal. There are numerous occasions that are observed in this monastery. One of the most famous ones is Buddha Purnima. For attending the rituals taking place here you can check the dates in advance and plan your travel accordingly. Furthermore, there are several other cultural programs lined in.

Bacha Shah Jame Mosque:

Bacha Shah Jame Masjid is a popular ancient mosque located in Rangunia Upazila. Established in 1833, this mosque was the primary center for Prayer and Education in Mathiura. If you walk inside the complex the architectural magnificence will impress you. Popular for its stunning Mughal architecture, this mosque is considered to be a great place that enables you to capture some of the best frames. In addition to that, it also is considered to be an ancient sign of Sultan Uddin Bacha Shah’s family connection, Rangunia.

That is not all! There are many other historical sites that you can explore in Chittagong. So you could be coming from the USA and might book flights from USA to Chittagong, and arrange for a budget tour to this city. Here you can start by exploring these four cities and also add other names based on your travel interest.


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