Budget Travel for Single Women


For a single woman going solo on a trip is sometimes a fascinating idea. In these present tough economic times, one has to be creative when planning the trip to ensure that it is budget-friendly. Accommodations being the factor that carries most of the expense in a travel can be ingeniously reduced, just by considering several alternatives. The internet is a great source of information in making the travel details. It's just a matter of choosing, which suits the budget.

Here are some easy cost travel ideas for single women:

Volunteer Vacations. A trip best described as nourishing both to the body and spirit. It's also a great way of meeting new friends, enjoying nature at an almost free cost. American Hiking Society, Pacific Crest Trail Association, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and Colorado Trail Foundation are just a few of these organizations that accepts volunteer vacationers.

Camping. As far as accommodation is concerned, camping is the cheapest, almost free of charge. One can have the exhilarating feeling of experiencing nature at its best, by falling asleep while watching the magnificent sunset and waking up with the splendid morning sunshine, while camping up in a big facility.

Day Trips. There are times, the best and cheap way to travel is to take the day trip in nearby places. Simply plan a short travel just to unwind and return home during the evening.

Last Minute Deals. There are sites on the internet like Bookit, Travelocity, and Expedia which offer very reasonable package deals, inclusive of hotel, breakfast, car and flight. Snagging the best deal at the right time can be very beneficial.

Hostels. For single travelers, hostels are considered low cost facility option. It mostly comes with shared kitchens, laundry, luggage lockers, internet and other necessities. Aside from these, hostels are found almost everywhere, near the beach, in national parks, and they tend to be socials magnet compared to hotel, so one can meet fun and interesting people.

Student Accommodation. As far as accommodation is concerned, student dorms are usually cheaper than hotels, but offer more privacy than hostels. Being in a campus it's also secure for a single traveler. They almost offer special weekly and monthly rates.

Staying with friends or relatives. This is a practical, cheap and safe way of securing ones accommodation, not to mention the additional bonus of having an opportunity to bond and catch up on news.

Strong Dollar. The past few years the U.S. dollar value has fallen considerably compared with other foreign currencies. For those who want to have a vacation overseas at a cost that is cheaper, one has to choose a country destination with a weak currency compared to the dollar. Countries like Central America, Thailand, Mexico and Costa Rica just to name a few.

For a single woman planning to travel is just a matter of looking at the alternative accommodation and choosing which among the list suit the budget.

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