Budget Travel Tips For Cartagena

If you want to experience the beauty of the Colombian town, the best place to start with would surely be Cartagena. Cartagena is also referred to as the hidden gem of Colombia. Surrounded by sea and nature all around, you are sure to experience a luxurious trip in this place. Cartagena’s popularity is mostly due to its rich colonial past. The Centre of the city has made the place the heart of the country. Also, the place has been declared as a prominent World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The place is full of the rich colonial architecture. Also, the vibrant colors and buildings make it even more attractive.

Budget Travel Tips For Cartagena

Budget Travel Tips For Cartagena

Cartagena travel tips

In the Southwest of the city lies a beach that has high rising hotels. Getsemani is located in the Eastern part of the country which is the most suitable place for the travellers to visit. These may prove to be beneficial if you’re planning a trip in Cartagena within a budget.

The other parts of Cartagena seem to be quite similar to be those of the South American cities. If a person who isn’t aware of the South American environment sets out to travel in Cartagena, they may be baffled and confused. The people who are accustomed with the South American environment tend to enjoy the atmosphere in Cartagena.

El Centro Historico is one of the major attractions of the town of Cartagena. Nonetheless, touring around the place can prove to be extremely expensive. Travellers will require to pay about thousands of dollars to tour the city. But if you’re planning for a tour within a budget, there are certain things that you can do.

Tips to travel in budget within Cartagena

Although Cartagena is expensive, you will need to be considerate and aware of the things you take. Nonetheless, when you’re in Cartagena, you should travel within your budget.

Cartagena El Centro

Cartagena El Centro


If you plan to travel in Cartagena within a budget you should stay outside El Centro. Sometimes during the high tourist seasons, it becomes tough to find an accommodation in a proper budget . Often you may get the opportunity to visit the place in proper budget if you’re travelling in a group.

Budget Hotels

There are several hotels that can help you find proper place within a budget. If you have been trying to find a hot water in Colombia, it is near to impossible. Some of the prominent hotels where you can stay within a budget include Getsemani Patio, Casa del Curato, Pedregal Hotel, Mamallena and many more.

Food and Drink

You can enjoy a handful of foods and drink on the streets of Cartagena. The local Colombian restaurants also known as ‘comida corriente’ offer tasty local foods and drink at a much affordable rate. You have non-veg as well as vegetarian food options. As far as the drinks are concerned, there are some pretty bars. Also, Cartagena has the tradition of open bars. So, you can purchase yourself a drink and enjoy on the streets of Cartagena.


As far as transportation, the only way to relish the true beauty of Cartagena is to travel around the places. Instead of taking a drive, it is better suggested to walk around the place. Nonetheless, even when you’re walking, you should be a little careful. If you have been thinking to rent a taxi, you should do some negotiation in the price. Also, do not opt for using private unmarked car.

You can also prefer travelling in busses. There are several bus routes which may take you around the Coast to the Santa Marta and even Barranquilla. The bus trips may even take you to Southern places such as Medellin.

San Blas Island

San Blas Island

You may enjoy yourself while visiting the San Blas Island via a ferry. The prices for reaching the island usually varies depending on the boat and captain you choose.

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