Cycling In Italy – A Family Holiday Guide

There are numerous bike tours in Italy that offer you the flexibility to explore the country with more ancient history than anywhere else on the globe, wearing its antiquity well so you won't come across precious attitudes. Even Rome is surprisingly short on “roped off”, apart from a few notable exceptions, exploring the city is an involving game for kids – walk the Via Appia Antica and see.

If you want beaches in the mix, the Italian Rivera kicks-off where France stops and has stunning Genoa for cities and Cinque Terre for fairy tale villages. On the glorious Tuscan coast little coves, lively resorts and lots of fun activities draw big crowds, especially in summer.

In addition, adorable Amalfi in the south is every bit as stunning and chic as its reputation, but surprisingly easy-going and seaside cute for kids. The country's small, English speaking, trimmed with some of the earth's loveliest beaches and made for outdoor adventure and gently great fun family holidays.

Confused by the Antigua & Barbuda connection? Don't be. Antigua is simply better known and best loved for exceptional resorts, restaurants, water sports and bustling harbor towns. Barbuda is smaller, less visited and a nature lover's paradise. But, taken together, they're one idyllic country.

Reasons to go cycling in Italy

Here are some of the prominent reasons to opt for bike tours in Italy:

History Galore – Italy is known for as much as 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites, which is highest in Europe and second highest across the globe.

Winter Skiing – Dolomiti Superski is fantastic and well-priced for family ski holidays combined with cycling tours.

Carnival Time – Venice Carnival is the world's oldest and its kids' event program is always thrilling and beautifully well-planned.

The Lakes – The Italian Lakes are just an hour's drive from Milan.

Top Beaches – Scala dei Turchi is one of the most dramatic beaches in the world, located on the sunny west coast of Sicily.

Historic Cities – Neighboring Umbria and Tuscany contain Perugia, Assisi, Siena, and Pisa, are some of the most wonderful medieval and Renaissance cities in Europe.

Must-Explore Places in Italy

Even though every place located in the country is not worth missing, however, some of the must-explore places during bike tours in Italy include Rome, Venice, Florence, Barbuda, Naples & South West Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia.

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