Get Ready For Yorkshire Day This Summer!

The first day in August is known as Yorkshire Day and is celebrated by the people that live there and the nation too. Yorkshire is known as God's own county, and there's a lot of reasons why, which factor into it having its own special day! There is a huge number of things to do in Yorkshire and tourist attractions in Yorkshire, including historical sites, natural parks and shopping centres. Whether you're just looking for Yorkshire family days out or a longer holiday, there are plenty of things to keep the family occupied, and a host of reasons to visit the county.

The Cities

Whilst a lot of people may picture Yorkshire as just rolling hills and picturesque countryside, which it is in places, there are also some very cosmopolitan cities that buzz with hustle and bustle. York is a fantastic city with a long and interesting history, some of which can still be seen by visiting the cathedral and the walls around the city. Hull and Sheffield are major attractions and great choices for Yorkshire family days out too, as they have a wide range of shops and attractions. Leeds is one of the UK's biggest cities and the largest financial centre outside of London, with a great mix of nightlife, shops and culture. It's home to a lot of tourist attractions in Yorkshire and people often visit from all over the country.

The History

York isn't the only place in the county where you can soak up a bit of Yorkshire's rich history. Almost everywhere you go has a tale to tell, whether it is dating back to the Romans, the Vikings or the more recent Industrial Revolution. There are plenty of things to do in Yorkshire that will help you learn more about the history, such as visiting museums or old ruins, that make for perfect Yorkshire family days out. Religious ruins such as Fountain's Abbey and Mount Grace Priory are very interesting to visit, and interactive museums such as the Jorvik Viking Centre in York or the National Coal Mining Museum for England near Wakefield offer an intriguing journey into the past that the whole family can enjoy.

The Landscape

Yorkshire is a very varied region, featuring large hills, rolling fields and coastlines. These land features are tourist attractions in Yorkshire in themselves, and attract walkers, climbers and picnickers alike. Whether you live in Yorkshire full time, or are just visiting, the beautiful scenery will take your breath away and provide you with a lot of opportunities to experience it through walks, natural parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The Food and Drink

Not only is Yorkshire the home of its legendary name-sake pudding, a staple for Sunday dinners across the nation, you can also enjoy such snacks as Parkin or Wensleydale cheese. Yorkshire is second only to London for Michelin-starred restaurants, and they serve a fantastic range of cuisines. Even if you're not a huge foody, visiting some of these fantastic eateries should definitely be on your list of things to do in Yorkshire.

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