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While landing in Malta, there are different options to go from the air terminal to your first destination or your booked lodging. If you have booked your tour, your tour package most likely as of now incorporates Malta Airport Transfers and other transport services. If you are going to the island all alone, here are the Malta airport transport options accessible for you. Let's discuss them below…

Regular Public Transport

The most moderate Malta airport transport choice is to take the standard public transport. You can get the bus that goes from the Malta International Airport and ends at the main Bus Terminus in the capital city of Valletta. The bus goes through Gudja, Ghaxaq, Marsa, Tal-Barrani, Tarxien, Paolo, Floriana, Blata L-Bajda and Bombi with Valletta as its last stop. It takes 30 minutes to get from the Airport to Valletta and the other way around. This public transportation leaves at regular at regular intervals amid the weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends. However, their schedules are normally posted outside the waiting area.


In the Malta Airport, taxi service can be benefited of 24*7 to any destination in Malta. These taxi services have settled their rates so that you don't have to bargain over that. There are prepaid tickets that can be bought in the Arrivals area of the airport. The matter to be considered is that these taxis are not controlled by meter. Ensure that you concede on the price first with the drive to dodge superfluous astonishments.

Shuttle Vans

There are privately owned businesses which orchestrate shuttle vans to take you to your destination. You should book this service in ahead of the time, if you want to go by this. They are, by and large, more convenient and relatively less expensive than auto rentals or taxis. You can check with your lodging if they offer shuttle services. They often turn out as less expensive than booking transport vans from private transport organizations.

Malta is generally a small place and traveling from one place then onto the next is very convenient. Under 30 minutes from the center of Malta, the Malta International Airport gives convenient options for the travelers to head out from the airplane terminal to their onward routes in the island. Look over the changed Malta Airport Transfers choices in view of your preferences and budget. It is best to book your vehicle ahead of the schedule to ensure your Malta occasions hassle free.

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