Honeymoon & Chirstmas in Goa

Turquoise seas with dancing of wild waves and pristine beaches have always been a perfect combination for honeymoon trips. Serenity and calmness are what honeymooners seek the most in their trips and the seaside, except the sound of the roaring waves and the wind, provides exact atmosphere for a honeymoon. One can start a romantic day watching the red fire ball rising in the sky spreading red all over the sea water and can greet a great evening walking over the soft sandy surface keeping the golden western sky as the witness of their romance. The daytime could be enjoyed through simple relaxation or by indulging in activities like swimming, fishing, biking or exploring and the night could be celebrated with spicy sea food, music, dance and some wines. In India this perfect honeymoon package could be enjoyed in Goa and that is the reason why this small Western Indian state has always been a favorite to newly-wed couples as well as people who want to repair the damages of their conjugal life.

There are countless numbers of beaches in Goa, lying by the sea side by side from its North to South. While most of the beaches are very lively and crowded some are absolutely pristine. Morajim Beach in North Goa is among the top off-beat honeymoon destinations in Goa. It is absolutely serene and perfect if you are looking for serenity. Palolem Beach in Southern part of the state is another great place to stay on a honeymoon trip. It's actually a fishermen's village and it delights visitors with its unspoiled beauty, especially the rocky terrains. To provide your beloved with a touch of adventure you can go for a trip to the historic forts in Goa that lie in dilapidated condition today or explore the Bird Sanctuary, the Dudhsagar Falls or the Portuguese Heritage Homes. The scenic beauty of Goa is incomparable and so is the ambience. What would make your honeymoon in Goa more romantic is its vibrant nightlife. For adventure lovers there is bike rental service in Goa. Just pick a bike of your choice and set out for a long drive through the undulating paths offering indescribable scenic beauty.

The best time to visit Goa for honeymoon is mid-December to mid-January. Not only does Goa offer the best weather at this time but it gears up to celebrate Christmas and New Year, which are followed by the Spring Festival. If Goa is you choice for honeymoon trip, you should be there during Christmas. The state gets illuminated and churches get dresses up to celebrate the holy occasion and a festive mood makes the ambience electrifying.

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