How to Travel With Pets Internationally – A Complete Guide

dog ground traveling and ship cruises

When moving permanently or taking long foreign vacations, some people either abandon their pets or give them away without giving a single thought to the emotions of our furry families. That needs to stop because traveling with pets across the borders is not something impossible anymore.

Animals are usually better off in their habitat than tagging along with their owners from country to country and city to city. But, they are just like your kids who cannot take care of themselves; hence you got to take them with you to make sure they are doing well. Traveling with pets can be extremely daunting, but things get smoother and easier if you follow the correct procedure.

Here is a complete guide to traveling with your pets internationally so you and your furry buddies don’t get to bear the pain of separation:

1. Consider alternatives to flying

dog ground traveling and ship cruises

When traveling with pets, look for alternatives to flying because aerial travel can get pretty exhaustive for you and your furry family. Pets not familiar with flying often become restless and anxious. If possible prefer ground traveling and ship cruises that are far more comfortable for pets.

2. Pet shipping companies

If travel by air is the only option, don’t panic and take help from pet shipping companies. Their job is to make sure that your pets are delivered safely to destined countries according to a legal procedure. From documentation to pets’ safety and comfort, they care for everything. You can place your trust in them and focus on your packing. But, on a sad note, beware of fraudulent companies who only steal your money and put pets’ lives in danger.

3. Vet visits

hiking with dogs

Make sure your pets are perfectly healthy to handle the stress of international traveling. Before your final move, take pets to vets regularly for a month or two to confirm that they can withstand travel difficulties. You may also ask for a vet’s help to crate-train your pet to minimize the complications.

4. Documentation for Travel With Pets

pet + crate+ baggage

To make your pets travel legally, you need to pay considerable attention to the documentation required for an international pet journey. From medical certificates to embassy verifications, you need to collect all documents yourself to ensure nothing goes wrong. If there is some difficulty in getting an important document, take assistance from experts.

5. Choose a cabin if possible

dog in cabin

Make the cabin your first choice, and don’t let your furry buddy go out of your sight. Most airlines allow small cats and dogs to travel in the cabin with their owners. You must ask airline management about their pet travel rules and regulations. If you’re being offered to bring your cutie Persian or little Chihuahua on board, avail the opportunity because cargo can be pretty dangerous for sensitive breeds.

With this basic information, now you can take your pets to any corner of the world and enjoy beautiful voyages with your furry family!

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