India Gets a Modern And Stylish Sky City Near Andal

Metropolis will be a passe soon as airport cities are expanding rapidly all over the world. They are currently very much in news thanks to Mr. John Kasarda, a professor, who has coined the word Aerotropolis. He had a vision to shape the future in a different way. At present, cities are fast developing near the airport. Airports are no more meant to be developed in an area which is already developed. India has come up with plans of starting an Aerotropolis in West Bengal. Ludhiana will also get a smart and efficient Aerotropolis in the near future.

Kazi Nazrul or the Andal Airport that is already operational will act as an anchor for the Sujaalam city that is being started at Andal, Durgapur – also branded as bengal aerotropolis 2014. This sky city covering an area of over 2300 acres is simply a short distance from Durgapur, the city recognised as an industrial city. This beautifully planned city will be one more step towards modern urbanisation. Designed excellently by top companies like TCE, L&T Ramboll Consulting Engineers Limited, Genpact and Changi Airport Consultants Pte Ltd the sky city has been designed so as to meet the global standards.

BAPL is a renowned name in specialised infrastructure that is realising the project. Having a vast experience in the field, Mr. Partha Ghosh the managing director of BAPL has worked with extreme dedication and expertise. The brand is engaged in looking after the development of Aerotropolis projects all over India. The sky city will have the best facilities required for urban living. Ludhiana Aerotropolis is all set to start.

The city will have ample facilities like retail as well as business centre that will cater to the people in and around the city. This will become a hub for business where the global market will easily be accessible. Many investors have already invested in this project. This will promote different types of business There will be residential buildings that will be extremely affordable. Thousands of people will be able to stay in this city. A continuous supply of water and electricity will be provided. World class hospitals will also be set up in this beautiful city that is a dream for many. An elaborate and luxurious green golf court will also be set up.

The sky city will be extremely well connected by different types of transport. The Andal airport is perfect to bring in business opportunities. With the initiatives of Mr. Partha Ghosh Sujalaam Skycity will meet global standards. BAPL is taking every effort to make this sky city something that the world is actually awaiting to experience as Airport cities will be highly responsible fro a great change that is about to come in the near future.

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