Leh Tour – Experience Beyond Imagination!

If you are person who love to try adventure of all kinds, thrill, danger, adrenaline rush, then a trip to Leh is something that you would definitely love to try at least once in your life. Leh is one of the most sought-after tourists location available in North India. Due to the remarkable climatic conditions and amazing geography, this place serves immense adventure-rich opportunities to try on. Along with great adventure, this place has many famous and high class hotels in Leh which present the world-level accommodation with top-end facilities to give tourists the best experience during their tour.

In Leh Ladakh, you will never feel as you are having experiences that you have ever had in the past. Everything will be full of fun and energy. Be it nature walk, river rafting, camping, monastery visit, or simply chilling in a good resort in Ladakh like Saboo Resorts which is located in the beautiful surrounding and is engraved with beautiful hills all around. Living in such a heavenly made resort is a fabulous experience that you never ever had imagined for.

Important Factors Of Leh Ladakh –

Leh Ladakh is located in Jammu and Kashmir state of India and is bounded with beautiful Kunlun ranges and Himalayan range. There are plenty of stunning visual treats that you can have from the hilltops, rolling valleys, snowy mountains, meadows and breathtaking flora and fauna. Most of the area in Leh Ladakh is arid desert and heavy snowfall can be witnessed on the glaciers in winter season which usually melts down in summer. The huge variation in temperature ranges as low as minus 20 degree C in winter season and goes up to 30 degree C in the summer. The immensely thin air of this region does not cause asphyxia and hyperventilation, but aggravates heat as well.

What You Can Do Here In Leh Ladakh –

As said earlier, Leh is a perfect place where you can get endless opportunity to try adventure. In famous adventurous activities that people usually engage in during their trip to Leh include mountaineering, hiking, trekking in which they get a chance to witness the spectacular scenic beauty of this place. In addition, people of Leh are very friendly by nature and when you get their company during your visit to Buddhist monasteries, it adds more to a visit. The monasteries in Leh are famous not just they preserve Buddhist culture, but for ancient paintings and art as well.

Leh is actually a very impactful spot in India where thousands of tourists come every year in summer or whenever they are on vacations. Due to unending adventure in this place, Leh attracts tourists not only from India but from abroad as well. As there is a growing frequency in vacationers who plan tour to Leh, today tourism has become a critical way of livelihood of locals here. Mostly, people earn money during the holiday seasons like adventure tourism, pilgrimages or even wildlife tourism.

To give every tourist a great tour experience, Leh has several options of accommodation. So, whenever you plan a tour in Leh, make sure to book your accommodation in one of the hotels in Leh.

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