Looking For an Adventurous Day Out With The Kids This Summer?

The summer holidays are just about half way through and, typically, most of the kids are getting bored! They wait all year to be off school for the summer and then complain about having nothing to do when it comes around. Well, if you're looking for an exciting day trip, there's a fantastic solution for a family day out the kids are bound to love: Aerial Extreme. It's an incredible place to visit, providing fun and unique high rope adventures to families with kids of all ages. With tree tops adventure courses in Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, North Yorkshire and Staffordshire – along with junior obstacle course options at selected locations for the younger ones – there's bound to be an Aerial Extreme course just a short drive away from you!

While every one of the Aerial Extreme high rope adventures are unique, each provide a thrilling and fantastically fun experience. You'll find yourself taking on long, high ziplines, jumping around like monkeys, swinging through the treetops and laughing from start to finish. If you're looking to take on an adventure that's completely different to other summer holiday activities, this is the ultimate choice.

Having a tree tops adventure, as well as being great family fun, is the ideal way to get all the kids off their mobile phones, tablets or PlayStations and out enjoying the fresh air. It has been reported that more than half of children under the age of 10 have their own mobile phone – a figure that has been on the rise for the past few years. It's important that, while it's fantastic that children are so tech-savvy, they remember what it's like to interact with others and have a sense of adventure in the outdoors as well. This is why taking on a junior obstacle course or an adrenaline-pumping zipline is a great, alternative activity for kids this summer.

The Aerial Extreme courses are wonderful fun for everyone but they were definitely made with families in mind. Their high rope adventures are all easily accessible from main cities and are close to other interesting and vibrant family activity spots that you can combine with your tree tops adventure to have an unbeatable summer day out.

If you choose to make the journey and take on a high ropes adventure or a junior obstacle course over the 2017 summer holidays, you'll even get a 20% discount when you book your tickets online (this discount is valid until 8th September). Alternatively, family bookings automatically receive a 20% discount on their price all season! This family discount applies to bookings of two adults and two children (under 16) or one adult and three children (under 16).

To find out more about this brilliant summer destination, head to the Aerial Extreme website where you can find details on each individual course, what's on at the sites and information on pricing and getting there. Don't miss out on the ultimate family adventure – book up today!

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