Magnificent Resorts in Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand has a large number of tourist spots due to its proximity to the Himalayas. The place is a major destination for adventure sports. The city offers skiing, mountaineering, water rafting, rock climbing etc. to tourists who come seeking adventure sports. The Uttarakhand resorts are known for their peaceful and yet fascinating locations. This place offers various attractions to its tourists. People come here looking for adventure, wildlife excursions, adventure sports and wellness. The state is known as one of the destinations to learn, master and practice arts like Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation.

Here, you find a sanctuary that is meant for visitors and entertains the young and old folks alike. It is a home away from home, for some away from monotony from their day to day lives and stress. It is a hitchhiker's heaven based on the edge of the Himalaya's. There is no best time to spend the holidays in Uttarakhand, as the place has something to offer during any and every season.

The Himalayan resorts are preferred by a lot of tourists due to their awe-inspiring sights, wonderful climate and wildlife sanctuaries. These resorts are constructed in stone and wood which captivates the tourists to return to them time and again. Some of these resorts have been constructed in the Kathkunia style, where the cottages are constructed by stacking stones and wood, without the usage cement. The interiors of these cottages represent various customs and traditions practiced in Himachal Pradesh. The inner walls of these cottages are mud splashed to hold the native charm. Resorts in the Himalayas are also eco-friendly and offer insights to the local traditions and rituals.

The cottages are done to match up the contrasting interior furniture of the rooms, which are made up of deodar wood work, teak furniture and tussar curtains along with brass fittings that provide a cozy and comfy feeling to its guests. The lush green location along with its array of trees, ferns and flora refreshes the souls of the vacationers.

These cottages are equipped with king sized or double beds, sitting area, dressing area, toilets and delicate lawn and private sit outs. Some of these cottages are made in the Machan style, which attract tourists. These resorts provide stunning mountain views, multi-cuisine restaurants, and cozy bars that supply finest liquor and a copious spa for the benefit of the tourists.

The spas therein provide heat sauna, steam sauna, Jacuzzi bath therapies, acupressure and massages that soothe your mind and body. These resorts provide top class amenities for arranging meetings. They offer various outdoor activities such as nature walks, mountain biking, trout angling, hiking and river rafting. Private garden sit outs are offered for suite accommodation for the tourists. There are special services that are offered for adventure lovers and honeymooners as well.

Most of the resorts in Uttarakhand are pre booked by tourists, especially in the winter and the holiday season. The accommodation details can also be checked online and the bookings can be made accordingly. Just make sure you have a word with the resort manager before making the booking and confirm on all the basic amenities which are needed. Once you are convinced, then you can go ahead with the booking.

Also make sure that it is easy to commute from the place where you stay. Though most of the cottages are located within the town, there are a few resorts which are located at a distance. Many of these resorts in Uttarakhand also provide transportation to visit any tourist locations.

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