Mera Peak Climbing – Tailor-made For The Real Adventurer

If you've decided to hike the Mera Peak, and all committed to reach at the summit, I can bet you that you won't be embarrassed, as the sights from the summit of Mera peak are completely mesmerizing.

If you are not so sure about how to make your Mera Peak climbing a successful one, then keep reading this article.

Be comfortable with mountain camping:

On the Mera Peak trip, you will be sleeping in tents out in the elements most of the nights along the way. You will need to be prepared to sleep 17 nights in the great outdoors! The weather can vary drastically, with a wide range of conditions: from warm to cold or windy and snowy. You need to be comfortable with setting up tents, being capable and proficient at managing your camp craft, and be able to maintain a good level of hygiene in a camping environment.

Have the appropriate outfit:

Mera peak can throw out a mix of weather at any time of the year. The weather is never guaranteed to be stable, so you need to be experienced and ready for a range of weather conditions. This means that you need to make sure that you have the right mountaineering boots and gear required for this cold and hostile environment.

When you should mount the Mera Peak:

I recommend climbing Mera Peak in Late April, May, September or October. We find that when we climb on Mera Peak, generally the best months are May and October. If you decide to climb in late March, early April or late October into November you need to be ready for colder conditions, which may include more snow. Therefore, you will need to adjust your gear and equipment to suit the colder weather conditions you will encounter on the Mera Peak climb.

Have earlier altitude experience:

Do not try to attempt climbing Mera Peak as your first altitude or mountaineering experience. You need to know how your body reacts at 5,000m before going to higher extreme altitudes. We recommend as much hiking, trekking and multi-day altitude experience as possible before taking on this challenge.

Ensure you've the luxury of a competent trekking guide:

There are a lots of companies out there who offer the Mera Peak climb, and many of these companies will promise the world, but who have limited climbing experience, are not able to fix ropes or know how to manage people at high altitude. You need to make sure you have a western guide and climbing Sherpa who can fix ropes, manage training in Khare, pace the team and bring you safely up and down Mera Peak.

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