Mumbai – A Bustling City Home To Contrasting Attributes

Home to the highly popular Bollywood, which is one of the largest film industries in the world, the extraordinarily seductive charm of the film industry alone brings thousands of people from foreign cities and states to Mumbai. Mumbai is a bustling city that is filled with people, and thrives to become one of most developed metropolises in the world. The essence of luxury ooze in almost every aspect of the city. Not to forget, it is not just the rich who live here, and in fact, there is a large concentration of middle class and lower middle-class living in Mumbai. The Dharavi slum of Mumbai counts amongst the largest slums in the world, with about one million people living in just one square mile of area, which used to be a swampy place of mangroves.

Mumbai tourism

Mumbai tourism

It is no doubt that Mumbai is a city of contrasting attributes, and heading for a trip to the city is indeed an experience of a lifetime. Flights, trains, and intrastate buses are available from different corners of the country. Flights are just often preferred for long distance journey. However, trains are rather more economical modes to access the city. If you are avid travel, an interesting way to travel to the city that gives a wholesome experience of a journey is boarding a Chennai to Mumbai train. It is one of the most popular train rides that are best when taken rather than skipping. The fellow passengers are more than willing to talk and share the homemade food that Indian travelers often carry with themselves. As you cross some very scenic spots, tunnels, turns, far away villages and countrysides, you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with the rustic charm of India.

Mumbai as is widely popular as the epicenter of all commercial and financial activities in India, it is only natural that the place is full of the luxuries of modernity. It is no way possible that you'll fail to notice how the city bustles and thrives towards modernity. Commercialization also finds presence in a significant percentage of Mumbai tourism. The swanky restaurants, ultra-modern shopping malls, amusement parks, libraries, science centres, etc. are some of the prominent attractions of the city. However, history and some specific heritages and monumental sites are also amongst the major highlights of a Mumbai tour. Although, Mumbai is not as much full of monuments and citadels as the national capital, Delhi is, still the monuments of Mumbai are iconic with a significance that is simply unbeatable.

A day or two, simply fall short for completely exploring the city and relishing it to the fullest. In many a cases, even an entire lifetime falls short to completely understand the city and relish every aspect of it. For individuals living in cities as distant as Delhi, trains and flights are straightaway the best modes to get into Mumbai. Besides, backpackers living in nearby cities, say Kolhapur, there are frequent trains to pick from. The minimum time that a Kolhapur to Mumbai train takes to cover the distance is 10 hours. However, the time taken depends on several other factors; the train you chose, weather situations, number of stoppages, train route etc. being some of the major factors.

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