Must Attend Monte Vista Festivals & Events This Summer

Must Attend Monte Vista Festivals & Events This Summer

Visit Monte Vista any time around the year, and you have something that you can tick off from your bucket list. It is an eventful place, and has some amazing events listed out through the year. Summers are busiest though, as there are events and festivals that are listed among the must-attend category. It is one of the best times to travel the town, and know the culture inside-out.

Monte Vista Festivals

Monte Vista Festivals

Let’s take you through the events that will be celebrated in this valley. There’s a music festival specifically designed for the music lover in you. There are the amazing food fests that you cannot miss. Then there is the rodeo and arts and crafts exhibits that make you feel awesome.

The Rio Frio Ice Fest

This is the year beginning festival with which begins the new year in the land of Monte Vista. With the winters calming down, and the natural beauty shining in with the New Year, the Rio Frio Ice Fest is indeed a welcome site. What happens in this event? It is a 5K race along the frozen Rio Grande River. Already freezing are you? You are also going to see the skilled sculptors turn the huge blocks of ice along the river into artwork that will blow your mind away. There’s so much of ice in the event that you are going to love it. It is worth visiting the event. You can plan your trip around January.

The summerfest

If you have been reading a lot about Monte Vista, you would have definitely heard about the summerfest. This is the festival that is used to promote the eclectic arts and crafts community in the valley. It is an annual festival, which kicks off in the month of June, just when the summers set in the valley.

What do you have at this point in time? A signature concert in the park is indeed a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. Apart from the entertainment, you are also served with some delicious food and an experience that you will take with you for a lifetime.

On the Sunday, there is a outdoor praise and worship service with the local Christian bands. This is special way of thanking friends and neighbours. You will see live entertainers and rock & roll bands at play during this event.
Sundays at six
This is a June to August event, which you simply cannot miss. It is organized by the Alamosa Live Music Association, which runs free summer concerts. You will see all kinds of music being performed during this event. It is one of the special moments for the valley. You should visit the valley during these months if you love music and live performances.

Weekends on the Rio

Along with the Sundays at six, you will also see the weekends on the Rio event, which starts with a relaxed Sunday yoga session moving on to paddle boarding and bike pump track for the kids. You will see some exciting activities and food tapping music along the background during these events.

Car shows and barbeque events also grace the valley, and make it more exciting. If you want to have some fun during your visit and do the different things to do in Monte Vista, choose one of these months.

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