Niagara Sightseeing Tours- Romance in Niagara Falls Makes For Perfect Getaway

You may have planned for a trip to the Niagara Falls, but there is something you didn’t know. Did you know it was once known as the Honeymoon Capital of the World? With the luxurious heart shaped Jacuzzi suits as well as the honeymoon suits, this used to be the favorite destination of the rich and the elite. However, it still considers to be the best romantic spot for the getaway. So, you must include Niagara Falls as part of Niagara sightseeing tours. In fact, tourists flock this place from all across the world for a honeymoon.

niagara falls view

The Hotels for Longer Stays

While visiting Niagara what you most worry about is finding a suitable hotel. Since Niagara is located just half an hour from Toronto many tourists prefer to visit for a quick weekend getaway. Now, the luxury hotels have paved their path and opened doors to the visitors to witness the grandeur of Ontario’s most popular place. There are some hotels that offer one of the most spectacular views of the wonder. If you prefer a quieter abode, look accordingly. You get hotels as per your budget. So, you can find the best that suits your need and pocket.

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Romantic Weekend Getaways

Want to enjoy some couple time with your loved one? Are you on a quick honeymoon trip? Well, there are hotels that offer you mesmerizing views without having to leave the room. So, lie in the arms of your loved one and enjoy the Niagara at its best. You would definitely like it and maybe forget to sleep. If you are visiting there with your partner for the second time, simply combine it with relaxation to avoid the city’s hustle and bustle.

niagara falls Romantic Strolls

Some things to do for first timers

If you are visiting Niagara Falls as part of Niagara sightseeing tours and for the first time, there are some amazing things to do. In fact, you can definitely try out something you probably haven’t tried ever.

Quiet for Romantic Strolls

Visiting Niagara during summers? Well, you must know that summers are usually the most popular time to visit and so the crowds are big. Try to steal away some quality time with your loved one by taking a stroll. Holding hands and strolling near Niagara would appear like a dream come true. Watching the sunrise at Niagara is one of the most romantic things to do. Hungry after the stroll? Satiate your hunger since there are many restaurants offering a breakfast buffet.

A trip to the Botanical Garden

Take a break from watching the Niagara and visit the Botanical Garden. Want some peace? Take a trip to the Botanical Garden for a quiet walk. Steal glances, enjoy the quality time in the tranquil setting away from the chaos of the Niagara. You can also visit the butterfly observatory where you can walk across the forest having about 2000 butterflies.

niagara falls botanical garden

Fireworks at the Falls

If you are visiting Niagara on Friday or staying till Sunday don’t miss the fireworks there. The firework display is put over the falls. You can watch from the Falls view restaurants or on the walkway for watching the event. The crowds fill the space really fast so ensure you grab a good place.

niagara falls fireworks


If you are planning of visiting Niagara, ensure you make it a romantic getaway. Watch sunrise at the Falls, take a romantic stroll or watch fireworks at night.

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