Places To Visit in Sofia


Have you tired of the activities of your daily life? Are you looking for a break? Do you want to go for a vacation with your family members? Take a break from your office schedule, choose a destination and start your journey. There are several places to choose from. However, if you want to visit a European country and that too without making a hole in your bank account, choose Bulgaria.

It is a country that is traveled by thousands of travelers all over the year. And to be one among them, have a look at the places where you can visit during your vacation.

You can start your journey from Sofia, the vibrant capital of the country. To make the most of your tour, go for car rentals in Sofia. The places that you can traverse are:

The Russian Church

Located in the center of the capital, it is one of the most remarkable buildings in Sofia. It is the common belief of the local people that regardless of their age and religion, the wishes of the travelers come true. To make your wish a reality or just witness the serenity of the place, you can visit here at least once.

Boyana Church

One of UNESCO's World Heritage Site, the church was built in the 10th century. Later, it was redesigned in the 13th century. Here, you will find a good collection of medieval paintings. You can hardly capture all the details of the paintings through your camera. So, visit here with your family members.

Church of St. George

This centuries-old church is the treasure land to the ones who want to witness medieval and religious art. To explore the history, visit the church.

Rila Monastery

It is the dwelling and tomb of St. John of Rila. Now, it is the sacred site where you can visit at least once. The place signifies the awareness of a Slavic cultural identity following centuries of occupation.

Along with Sofia, you can also visit Varna. The 'sea capital' of Bulgaria offers different places to visit including the Euxinograd residence, Aladzha monastery, the Varna Museum of Archeology, the Varna Lake and many more. And to visit all the places at your own comfort, rent a car in Varna.

Choose the right car for making your vacation successful is not an easy task. In addition, it can be said that the car can make the vacation a miss or hit. It is an added advantage during the vacation. You can go where you like to prefer without depending on the public transport.

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Before you choose a car rental agency, try to find out what kinds of services they offer to their customers. In case, you have any queries, try to resolve it by asking the representative of the company. When you are satisfied, choose the agency for car rental.

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