Reditape Duct Tape Solutions For Your Outdoor Problems

travel duct tape

travel duct tape

Duct tape is something every house needs, but the big bulky roll doesn't exactly travel-or even store-well. It is a blessing that RediTape has created pocket-friendly, travel duct tape that is flattened to fit anywhere easily.

What's great about RediTape?

  • It is a convenient pocket sized 5 yard “roll” of high-quality duct tape
  • Ultra-strong, multi-functional and a quick-fix tool like the usual duct tape, this outdoor duct tape comes in a smaller and convenient size.
  • Can be easily held in the hand or kept in a pocket back pack, bag, and the glove compartment
  • With a slim, low-profile design it fits better in the kitchen drawer, tool box, or workbench.
  • It is ideally suited in fit in your travel emergency kit.
Reditape duct tape For Your Outdoor Problems

There are multiple ways Reditape can sort out a sudden problem that crops trip on a camping trip or when you are outdoors hiking or doing some other outdoor activity

  • It can set right your suitcase in case it gives way while traveling outdoors
  • Temporarily seal a shoe sole that is starting to detach as you walk
  • Using a travel duct tape, fix a broken tent pole which can be detrimental to an extended camping trip
  • Repair a leaky inflatable mattress that can mess with your excitement.
  • Set right a tent that refuses to close at night and stubbornly flaps in the wind
  • Small leaks in hoses – indoor and outdoor – can be stopped with an outdoor duct tape
  • Use duct tapes to seal packages of food when you leave your campsite or go to bed as curious animals are attracted to crumbs and scents
  • Use duct tape as a fly trap if your campsite has more flies than you can handle swatting by hanging a strip of duct tape somewhere in your campsite and wait for the pesky insects to stick to it.
  • With a duct tape you can craft a spear fishing pole by taping your knife to a long stick. You need to make sure the tape is wrapped tight and thick before trying to catch anything
  • A duct tape also comes in handy for small first-aid fixes like a painful blister that's rubbing against your clothing or gear
Why RediTape is the perfect solution?

RediTape offers a convenient pocket-sized 5 yard “roll” of high-quality duct tape for home, outdoors, travel, on the job, survival, and emergency purposes. RediTape can be conveniently stored anywhere for easy access when you need a little or even a lot of duct tape. Its multi-purpose function in duct tape projects combined with the ability to be stored everywhere makes RediTape the perfect tape for everyday convenience.

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