See What Sets The Los Angeles Nightlife Apart From Any Other City

The Los Angeles nightlife scene is a lot different than the New York and general East coast scene. With that said, the Supperclub Los Angeles nightlife offers its own unique experience. Here's why:

Bar hopping is logistically more difficult. Sure, in places like Hollywood, Venice, or Santa Monica there are a few bars in the area. However, generally, bars are twenty minutes apart on average and it's far more difficult to bar hop which makes the bar hopping scene less prevalent overall. As a result, the clubbing scene is more prominent.

Moreover, it's harder to be spontaneous in Los Angeles. Bars and restaurants fill up more quickly and because the city is more spread out, compared to the big East coast cities, you don't always have a backup plan in case plans fall through. Therefore, it can be a pain to go out on weekends.

This brings me to my next point, Weekdays versus Weekends. In LA, some of the best times to go out are Monday through Thursday. These are the days that most cool, interesting locals and even celebrities go out. On weekends, people from neighboring cities flock to the clubs, bars, etc., which makes the weekend crowd completely different than the weekday crowd.

Now, you're probably thinking that stepping outside your house in LA is a hassle. Truth is, it can be. But, there are defining characteristics that make going out and clubbing in Los Angeles all the worthwhile.

Remember how I talked about the weekday crowd being full of interesting locals and celebrities? Well, if that's not a reason to want to party in Los Angeles then I don't know what is. Everyone lives in LA. You have a prime opportunity to meet some of the most awesome people. This brings me to my next point. Meeting people at clubs often segues into after parties. People in LA love to party, and don't be surprised to find yourself partying on Hollywood rooftops after most would call it a night.

Perhaps on your way you'll find yourself up against another signature of the Los Angeles nightlife: the street (hot) dogs. After a long night of clubbing, you'll often find street vendors cooking up bacon wrapped hotdogs to help wash down the night of debauchery.

All in all, while the Los Angeles nightlife scene might be different, it has a unique experience to offer. Enjoy and share your own experiences at Supperclub Los Angeles!

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