Seven Ways to Hike The Great Wall Tour

Great Wall

Walking on snaking roads blanketed by mysterious natural aura sounds amazing. You can also feel this immense glory if you chose to hike on the wondrous Great Wall. China boasts of possessing the largest human-made architecture. If you have a restless, adventurous soul, then a hike on The Great Wall Of China satisfies your spirit. There exist numerous ways to make your tour successful.Here are some incredible ones to get the most out of your hiking journey.

1. Booking a guide

It's most feasible for you to book a guide who will accompany you during Great wall hiking, as it's a long course of a journey. Your guide knows well regarding ravaged paths of the Wall. Thus it's easy to complete touring. You will come to know about rich histories embedded under stones from your new companion. Is there any Chinese language you feel difficult to understand, your guide takes that responsibility.

2. Tour planning

Extended for over 13000 miles, no travelers can dream to cover the whole section. It's essential to decide the portions you want to visit during Great wall hiking. Is it the highly restored section of Badaling, or the wild part of Jinshanling that attracts you more? When you want to see nature in its raw form, the latter get a recommendation. It's evident that when you want to experience unrestored section, it will cost more energy.

3. Favorable season

You can choose any season around the year to visit this fabulous place, but spring and autumn are ideal to trek. Mother Nature gets decorated with colorful blossoms during spring, and you will be able to view fabulous sceneries along with tolerable temperatures. Try to avoid slippery tracks during the rainy season.

4. Proper dressing up

Before heading on tour, do not forget to check the weather forecast. It will give an idea of average temperature. Based on which you can select your apparels, basically covered clothes preferred to protect skin from harsh sun rays which fall directly after reaching peak points. It is must for you to wear hiking sneakers.

5. Necessary item to carry

Since you have to invest a lot of sweats and energy, don't forget to carry energy-rich foods. Nuts and chocolates serve great. A bottle of water, sunscreen, camera, hand sanitizers need to get packed in your bag before moving. For emergency, keep a tissue block and hand soap as restrooms are devoid of these things.

6. Safety measures

When you finalize tour along the Wall, take steps with great precaution. It is one of the ancient structure; loose bricks are present on the unrestored part. If you are not careful enough while walking absent-minded, it may be a cause of your misbalance and fall. So walk cautiously and don't run.

7. Go green

Remember you are visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World; it is your prime duty to preserve and not destroy. Do not throw wastes on the road and maintain courtesy.

Have an enjoyable journey

You will gain a unique experience while hiking, beautiful vistas surround the Wall and you feel great to spend hours amidst nature.

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