Shanghai, a City of Numerous Faces

Undoubtedly, it dazzles vacationers with the fact of its being an ultra-modern metropolis and doorway to growing China in addition to the distinctive fusion of west and east, traditional and contemporary. On account of being the nation's financial center, it enjoys astounding skyscrapers in Pudong's North Eastern region. On the other hand, Puxi is blessed with several ancient architectural wonders, such as magnificent temples, beautiful gardens, striking museums and so on. The utter juxtapose offers the impression of an old town in an up to date urban.

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Let's look out on popular landmarks in Shanghai…

Jade Buddha Temple

The spectacular city boasts of many wonderful and stunning Buddhist temples as well as shrine. The best known and famed among all is Jade Buddha Temple. If you have a spiritual vein and wish to lose yourself in the divine aura of the place, do not forget to pay a visit to this outstanding temple and also make certain to feast your eyes on inimitable pictures of the blessed kings.

The Bund

For sure, it is one of the attractions which you really must not forget to explore in the city. In fact, if you have not seen the Bund on your Shanghai tour, you have missed a major allure. The appealing tourist magnet is situated on Huangpu River's eastern bank and is full of inhabitants who come here to delight in lots of fun and amusement activities including singing and dancing all through evening time. Besides, there is also a broad range of structures of diverse architecture designs and patterns.

Yuyuan Garden

This superb landmark is widely famous as Happy Garden. It was constructed more than 400 years ago and since then, has always been a prominent sight in Shanghai. The enchanting attraction fascinates holidaymakers with gorgeous and scenic greenery along with an extensive array of sundry charms like renowned Exquisite Jade Rock, amazing historical edifices and stupendous objects.

Shanghai Museum

If you are a culture vulture and keen to learn about the history and legacy of China, Shanghai Museum is a must see place for you. Opt for exhibitions to come face to face with Chinese architecture, ancient artifacts and native objet d'art. Moreover, the museum highlights an excellent library which features above 200000 art books.

Shopping Ecstasy

Certainly, shopping is an indispensable element of your Shanghai trip. Chief shopping areas in the metropolis are Nanjing Road, Xujiahui, Jiali Sleepless City, Huaihai Road etc. Here you will get a fabulous selection of trendy accessories, native crafts including unique chinaware, ivory and jade figurines and more. Out of all the shopping regions in Shanghai, Nanjing Road is the most acclaimed, as it features above 600 stores and shops with latest and one-off varieties.

Mouthwatering Food and Vivacious Nightlife

Tantalize your taste buds with delighting and palatable local cuisine, which appeals to vacationers greatly on their tour to the city. Some of the famous eateries are Paul Restaurant and Maylinge Restaurant.

A number of people believe that Shanghai gets alive in its real sense especially after dusk. The intriguing destination is home to plenty of bars and nightclubs which offer visitors non-stop fun and bustling entertainment. Aside from this, Huangpu River cruise is something which no tourist should miss.

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