Singapore Characteristic Blocks

If only in Singapore for a few days, you will feel time is hasty, because here there are too many attractions and activities not to be missed. In particular, Singapore's characteristic neighborhoods can be said to be the highlight of Singapore tours.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Wharf can be said to be an entertainment paradise. Here the night is good, the Singapore River on both sides of the bar, as well as from New Zealand's G-Max reversal bungee jump (Reverse Bungy). Play is sitting on the iron oval seat, tied by the United States on both sides of the ultra-thick rubber band rope to 200 meters per hour high-speed bombs to 60 meters high altitude. As the G-Max on the river, when the bombs on the high-altitude, such as falling into the river when falling, a short period of five minutes to stimulate, breathtaking incomparable, not only play the heartbeat. We are also on the sidelines of the tension, heart rate, a voice. Courageous friends can try.

Little India

Little India is located on the east bank of the Singapore River, is the local Tamil people community, like the epitome of India. Little India is similar in many respects to India, including road construction and use, and the health of the rest of Singapore is much different and has the local characteristics of India. Into a small India, a strong pepper and spice smell will be blowing. Road shops on both sides of the display of gold and silver jewelry, bronze, with national characteristics of jewelry, jasmine garlands and silk salsa and so on. During India's major festivals, Little India is decorated into a magnificent myth of the world, full of people who come to shopping. Do not forget to take a bag of Indian curry, taste a cup of fragrant pull tea, and leave a unique Indian tattoo on the body.

Chinese Garden

Yuhua Park is located in Singapore Jurong Industrial Town, one into the quiet Yuhua Park, the ancient Chinese flavor will be oncoming. It followed the Chinese imperial architecture and landscape design in the north of China, and the flowers and plants were carefully arranged, merging with the scattered towers and courtyards. Visitors can walk along the path leisurely, quietly experience the beauty of Yuhua Park. Compared to other attractions, this is a very quiet place to relax, attracting a lot of people in Singapore or a long time to travel the attention of people.

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