Slovakia Villages Are Mostly Rusyn And Declining Population

The area usually is Snina Ukraine to the east and the north border of Poland. These villages are mostly Rusyn and declining population. Before any changes are more permanent, I'm trying to portray them as they are today. The plan is to increase domestic tourism by 3% and 2% of foreign tourism, and SACR Peter Belinsky leader said that the first results have been seen after the winter.

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As a tourism strategy for the future amendment of an act of Tourism hopes to intensify cooperation between the public and private sectors, which should bring about a qualitative change in the Slovak tourism.

New law hopes to create favorable conditions for the use of organizations that will combine the villages, regions and private sector interests. Destination management system, although all but not in Slovakia, has been around in Europe for more than 20 years.

There are many other ways to increase tourism, such as tidy towns program, which would lead to cooperation between local business and foreign regional and local companies operating. Simple competition would be organized by the environmental, heritage and tourism and local government departments in order to comply tidiest and most attractive cities, towns and villages in Slovakia.

Such competition may begin in the spring and run through the summer months, and the independent panel of judges, maybe celebrities and public figures who are able to assess progress in each town or village, and provide suggestions on how each community can improve the general environment. Local authorities in urban and rural residents can reward your personal efforts, and it is also to increase public awareness and enhance national pride.

Many countries around the world are affected by these programs successfully for many years, as well as Ireland, Great Britain, the U.S. and even distant Australia. Orderly cities as well as to increase international awareness and increase domestic and international tourism and, therefore, inevitably have an impact on income from tourism, while increasing employment and promoting national crafts and die Cottage Industries.

This festival is a master folk artists from all regions of Central Slovakia, and a meeting place for thousands of visitors – the traditional culture lovers. Yearly welcomes regional ensembles and associations, Slovak living abroad, whose programs are most desirable.

Three day festival with a grand scenic program is completed other companies chamber concerts, exhibitions of traditional crafts in an amphitheater of the market. There are many manufacturers out of Slovak and Detva, too. Wood crooked needle, folk musical instruments of production and manufacturing of leather and metal engraving, embroidery, young and old know from Detva who prepare all year for this company.

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