Stylish Cycle on Rent in Mumbai at Best Price

Are you a student living in Mumbai or a professional who has left his home town and travelled several hundreds of kilometers to work and earn a good living in Mumbai? Or you a Mumbaikar working or studying in Mumbai. The matter of the fact is that you are in Mumbai and a health freak or nature lover!

Rent Set Go is an online portal giving you an option to rent bicycles in Mumbai and be close to your health and nature. Mumbai is one of the most crowded cities of India with heavy traffic all around the corners. It is very hard to get out from the home and have a walk. People are living in the multi level societies where the only place to be close to the nature is the colony park which is mostly missing in 90 percent of the societies.

In this case, people with a passion of riding cycles in Mumbai find difficult to buy a bicycle and park it. All of us have busy schedules where passion like cycling is not possible everyday but once a week over the weekend it can be done. Rent Set Go gives the options to take a bicycle on rent in Mumbai with the rent as low as Rs 110 per day. The people of Mumbai can select from a plethora of brands like Hercules, BSA, FireFox and more and take their favorite bicycle on rent in just few simple steps from Rent Set Go.

With growing population, traffic and pollution; the connection of people have been broken from the nature. Everyone is rushing to earn more without giving a thought to their health. Riding a cycle once a week helps keeping the legs, calves and spine fit and gives you a good life. If you have the same excuse most of the people willing to do cycling have; i.e. they do not want to buy a bicycle. Get ready to follow your passion with Rent Set Go. Connect your Facebook account on Rent Set Go, choose your favorite bicycle for rent, set the date and time and book your dream!

Rent Set Go – Say Bye Buy and Hello Renting!

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