The Best Holiday Offers For You on Goomo!

In this article, we will take you through some of the best holiday packages offers available for selection on Goomo.

Goomo offers holiday packages to national as well as international destinations. The Indian destinations are Kerala, Rajasthan, Bhutan, Andaman, Himachal, Nilgiris, Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Kashmir, and Gujarat. While the International destinations that Goomo provides packages to are Dubai, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, and Malaysia. Here we will talk about some of the most popular destinations that people are availing on Goomo. The destinations are further classified under honeymoon, adventure, family, beach, and shopping among others.

A holiday package is on an average for seven nights and eight days and most packages are inclusive of flight charges, all the three meals, accommodations and travel. Bali is currently topping the chart with many couples booking their honeymoon in Thailand with Goomo. Also, there is a good discount on Bali packages and is certainly value for money. There are four different itineraries and places for visiting Bali on Goomo ranging from 30 to 48 grand.

Next popular destination is the eco-friendly Bhutan. Bhutan government itself is involved in providing the best Bhutan visit for tourists. Goomo offers six different Bhutan packages that range from 35 to 55 grand. Also, one of the Bhutan package offers the substantial discount as of now. Next up on the list is Kerala for a festive holiday visit, a honeymoon destination or a family trip. There are as much as ten different Kerala packages to choose from that will cost you anywhere between 11 to 20 grand.

Dubai is the bestselling international tourist holiday offer on Goomo. Dubai packages are designed for festive and family trips. There are thirteen different packages available from 19 to 52 grand for Dubai on Goomo. Ladakh is another loved destination among friends for camping, nature and heritage. There are five of them available on Goomo and those will cost you from 21 to 45 grand. Australia is the loved international destination for the honeymoon as well as for a family trip. There are four distinct packages for Australia that costs from 66 to 91 grand on Goomo. Rajasthan packages are for all and range from 11 to 36 grand and are popular among tourists. Andaman and Sri Lanka are some other in favours destinations obtainable at a competent price only on Goomo.

So, choose your destination for holiday and be carefree for all the booking and planning. Goomo makes travelling convenient and hassle-free!

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