Things You Should Know About Salar De Uyuni

It seems like snow from the top:

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is so massive that its 4,000 square miles of isolated, salty outer layer can be observed from the space. Because of its color, it looks like a snowy glaier when you look at it from the top.

Salar De Uyuni

It is the world’s largest mirror during the rainy season:

The rainy season at Salar de Uyuni is from December to April whereas the dry season is from May-November.

The rainy season allow you to view the Salar’s stunning mirror effect, where the waters below represent the skies above so it becomes unfeasible to tell where the sky concludes & the land starts. However, be aware that excess rains may cause tour cancellations or certain areas to be inaccessible.

The dry seasons are not all that bad though. The temperature will be colder & with the ground hardened, you can drive through the stark white landscape to places that aren’t accessible during rainy seasons.

Take optical illusion shots:

One of the main highlights of Salar is the never-ending plain which makes the ideal background for photography lovers. If you have always dreamed to be in an optical illusion picture, this is your best chance. The plain will offer the perspective that the objects closer to the camera are bigger than the objects that are far away.

To capture the best pictures, drive out to somewhere with no vehicles or tourists in sight; so that the barren land is void of anything that the eye can observe. If you want to be in the further part of the photo, don’t move too far because the far you go, the tougher it becomes to keep everything in focus.

Visit the globe’s first salt hotel in Salar de Uyuni:

Salar De Uyuni 2

You simply can’t leave this place without spending a night in a salt hotel. The concept of salt hotel was envisaged by Don Juan Quesada, and this idea came about just because salt was the most realistic building resource in the region.

Behold Palacio de Sal, totally made out of 10,500 tons of salt & spanning 4,500 square feet within the Salar. Even the tables, chairs, pillars and other pieces of furniture are made of sodium chloride. In fact, this is the most luxurious salt hotel in the Salar de Uyuni, as it features facilities like a dry sauna, steam room, whirlpool and saltwater baths.

If you are yet to explore this part of the world, then feel free to plan a trip and know why it is highly sought after.

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