Tips For Riding a Motorbike in India

But India is an amazing place to have Himalayan bike tours. Nothing can beat the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin and the rush of exhilaration as you explore the countryside on your own bike. Travelling by bike provides you the opportunity to make a better connection with smells and sights of incredible India which you usually ignore or cannot encounter while travelling via bus or a car.

Here are few tips for having a safe motorcycle trip India.

Choose your ride

Royal Enfield is always the first choice of all the riders for a comfortable and smooth adventurous motorbike rides in India. But you can start off on a moped if you want safer, cheaper and easier rides and have got no experience in riding a motorbike on Indian roads. Before selecting a ride and handing over the money, check it thoroughly, take a quick test ride and make sure that it is in good condition and can be used.

Learn to drive like an Indian

At first glance, you might think that there are no traffic rules and the Indian traffic is crazy but there is a method to this madness and it would probably be dangerous if you drive like you do in the West. Just observe the Indian driver and go with the flow. The rules here are different from the rules in other countries like for example in UK flashing headlights means they are letting you go whereas here in India flashing headlights means stay out of my way, I am not going to top for you or anyone.

Be ready to face a dusty ride

India motorcycle tour is one of the best ways to connect with and explore the country but during the journey, you make face some disturbing elements like dusty and dirty roads. So as a warning don't wear light coloured clothes and dirt stick to them easily and always wear sunglasses to prevent the dust from entering into your eyes.

Expect the Unexpected

India is full of surprises and shocks and the roads are no different. While driving in India you must keep in mind that there are no different lines for different types of vehicles. All sorts of vehicles- motorbikes carrying whole families (huge one), hand carts, bicycles, trucks, cars even ambulance shares the same lane.

You also need to be alert on roads because of cows, dogs, wandering people etc as they are always present somewhere on the road. Stay alert, stay focus is the mantra to have safe drive on the Indian roads.

Use your Horn

Yes, it is considered bad to honk unnecessarily on roads, but honking is considered to the important part of driving in India. At first, you may find that people are using their horns for no particular reason but people use it to grab your attention, as some people like to do multitasking while driving, hence to keep oneself and themselves safe, the horn is necessary to use.

Remember Might is Right

In India, authority belongs to the big fish i.e., the bigger the vehicle and the louder the horn is going to survive the traffic because if you are a scooter or a bike rider you have to give a way to trucks, buses and all. As they won't stop at any cost, you have to make a way for them no matter what. Because if you don't then maybe you have to face the consequences which may even include death.

Be more cautious at night

Driving at night in India is even more unsafe. Some people are drunk and tired, some people don't use night lights of their vehicles, some keep them on blinding full beam. It's hard to see speed breakers and potholes on the roads as street lights don't work properly in some areas. Insects are also one of the reasons to be alert while riding as they attack your face at night. So, be more cautious while driving at night on Indian roads.

Watch out for the police

Rules in India are usually not followed properly. People try to break the rules and do whatever they want as much as possible whenever they can. Police here often try to stop tourists and charge them with huge fines for either not having their home license as well as International Driving License or not wearing a helmet. If you have everything at right then also they while find a way in which they can charge you.

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