Top 4 Costa Rican Waterfalls That Are Worth Exploring

Costa Rica

As one of the most photographed natural formations in this visually beautiful nation, the waterfalls in Costa Rica amaze both seasoned and novice tourists alike. There’s simply something stupendous about rushing water radically falling from the rainforest canopy into a pool at the base of a cliff. After a hiking adventure through the rainforest, a cool bath on these powerful forces of nature will take your breath away for sure.

Make sure your Costa Rica waterfall tours include the following waterfalls for an unforgettable experience:

Costa Rica

Nauyaca Waterfall, Dominical:

Situated a short ride from the Pacific beach town of Dominical, Nauyaca is one of the biggest waterfalls Costa Rica has to offer. Divided into 2 beautiful tiers, it tumbles down 215ft into a massive pool that is ideal for swimming.

Swimming here is an unbelievable experience but be alert that the pool is up to 6 meters deep!

Diamante, Dominical:

Costa Rica has infinite incredible waterfalls but only at the Diamante Waterfall you can sleep in a cave with water cascading right before your eyes. Situated in the southern zone of Costa Rica, the Diamante Verde are a set of 10 waterfalls concealed deep in the forest. If you are visiting the Costa Ballena or Manuel Antoni and are in search of something off-road adventure, consider making the trek to Diamnate Waterfall.

Uvita Waterfall:

The South Pacific of Costa Rica is packed of waterfalls because of the lush jungle and nearby mountains. Some of them are quite hidden & you need to go on tour to get there. Others like Uvita waterfall are easily accessible.

Uvita water fall is a tiny waterfall but it is extra fun due to it’s natural slides. One can climb up to the top & slide all the way down into the pool. It is also quite easy to get to from Uvita & just a 1000 colones entry fee. The owners constructed a tiny self-service restaurant nearby the parking lot & it takes just two minutes to walk down to the waterfall.

Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfall, Arenal Volcano:

La Fortuna Waterfall is just stunning. People from across the globe come to admire the natural splendor of the waterfall & nearby hot springs. Located just 3 miles from downtown La Fortuna, the waterfall attract more than 1,000 tourists per day during the peak season, so visit early or late to avoid the crowds

Few sights in nature rival the rumbling roar of a majestic Costa Rican waterfall in full flow. A Costa Rica Waterfall tour is certainly worth a consideration if you really want to explore the best side of this small yet fascinating country.

Costa Rica
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