Unusual Cruise Trips You Need To Try

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Going on a cruise is a real travel highlight – you have the opportunity to see so many different parts of the world, all in the same trip. You also have access to delicious food and drink, amazing facilities, and super fun entertainment whilst on board. And, if that’s not enough, it’s a great way to avoid taking multiple flights from one destination to another. After all, 21% of people worry about airline delays or cancellations, and many others are anxious about flying altogether. With a cruise, you can leave all that worry behind you!

Cruises are usually most popular when travelling around Europe, the Caribbean, or other parts of North America. However, there are plenty of other options if you don’t fancy the standard cruise.

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Themed cruises

Themed cruises can be really fun when it’s something you’re passionate about, or if you have a young family to please.

Take the Disney cruises for example – each ship is themed around specific films and characters; a real crowd-pleaser for the younger members of the family. But it’s not just all for kids. There are plenty of playgroups on board, so once you’ve had enough of all the singing, you can drop them off and head for some dinner and drinks in the adult sections.


If bright, loud cartoon characters aren’t your thing, you could opt for a number of other themed getaways. There are Murder Mystery cruises, Poker cruises (offered by Royal Caribbean), or decade-themed cruises (such as the 1970s), which take you back in time to the good old days. Fun!

Iceland cruises

You’ve probably heard of the notorious Antarctica cruises, but if the thought of heading to the coldest place on Earth doesn’t appeal to you, why not try an Iceland one instead?


With a week-long cruise from the capital city of Reykjavík, you can experience the real beauty of the surrounding north pole. Explore neighbouring islands before getting back on board to warm up with a hot choccy in front of the open fire. Not your average winter getaway!

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Amazon cruises

Yes, you can indeed head to South America to set on board a cruise which takes you down the famous Amazon.

Rainforest Cruises is a company which offers the chance to head to the biggest rainforest on Earth, whether that’s in Peru, Brazil, Bolivia or Ecuador. A trip like no other, you’ll see the best in tropical wildlife and surroundings, along with some of the tastiest South American drinks and dishes, too. Granted, it’s a lot smaller and not as technologically advanced as your standard cruise ship, but you’ll be able to see some of the most remote and spectacular areas on the planet.



Bali seems to be one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, but if you choose to take a cruise here, you can see that Indonesia has so much more to offer.

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Looking into cruises here means you can explore many of the lesser-known islands this stunning country has up its sleeve. If your idea of a cruise is hopping off to enjoy some of the whitest, sandiest beaches in the world, this could be just the ticket. Plus, amazing food, plenty of wildlife, and unbelievable weather make this trip an amazing one.


Other options

There are plenty more cruise types to choose from if you’re not into the standard style. If the Amazon sounds appealing, you can also try ones which go down The Egyptian Nile, and see history in the form of The Valley Of The Kings. Or, pick ones which take you to tiny South Pacific islands, or go the whole hog and head to Australia for the cruise experience of a lifetime. There’s so many to choose from out there, there’s no need to ever feel restricted.

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