Up-to-date Tips For Tibet Travel in 2018


Tibet travel is a mixed-up of high plateau landscapes and unique cultural experiences. Travelling here can be different from other popular destinations around the world and make adequate preparation is very important. Tibet travel expert, Tony from Tibet Ctrip Travel Service Team with 15 years of experience in arranging tours for foreign travellers, shares here with you the up-to-date tips and facts of Tibet Travel in 2018.

  • Be ready for a big change in elevation! With an average elevation of 4,900 meters Tibet is the highest region on Earth. Travelers are expected to feel some of the altitudes effects over the first couple days of your tour; usually this does not interfere with common daily activities. Drinking lots of water and avoiding intense physical activity are the best way to adapt.
  • Weather on a Tibet tour varies depending on location, time of year, and time of day. Layering clothes is the best way while go into higher altitude areas, especially while trekking. A warm sunny day can quickly turn into rain or snow then plummet to below freezing at night. Even travelers on an easy-paced sightseeing tour need to be prepared for the changeable weather.
  • Using money here can be different than what most travelers would have expected. As a rule of thumb don’t expect to use credit cards for the service charge is about 4-ish%, however some banks can process cash advances. Reliable ATMs are available in Lhasa however you are suggested to have Chinese Yuan exchanged prior tour starts. The local currency is the Chinese Yuan (RMB); exchange services are available at a variety of locations.

The differences between Tibet and the West can be challenging and charming at the same time; arriving prepared for these differences can turn a challenge into an exciting adventure. With the travel season 2018 now in full swing, travelers are advised to start planning your tour as earlier as possible!

Tony, a local Tibetan travel agent TCTS (tibetctrip.com), author of this release, is a professional travel agent based in Lhasa, Tibet and in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, who related this information in order to spread awareness of Tibet and its people.

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