Why Sri Lanka Tourism Is Depend On It’s Biodiversity Structure

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka And It’s Unbelievable Biodiversity

The biodiversity and the natural resources are playing a key role in Sri Lanka tourism. This pearl shaped is land is blessed and gifted with natural resources like jaw dropping golden sandy beaches, misty mountains, cascading paddy fields, wild lives, spices etc. The seasons are controlled by monsoon winds. All these together make this place a wonderful tourist destination. This country gives the opportunity to experience it’s biodiversity, people’s life style, cultural heritages, wild life, festival, foods and more to the tourists come from all over the world to spend their holidays. Most people come here to enjoy their family vacation, Couples come for their honeymoons, Individuals come here to explore and for adventures. Sri Lanka’s tourism structure is flexible to offer what the tourist’s demand is.

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, you should definitely include the hill countries to your Sri Lanka travel itinerary. Because hill countries in Sri Lanka are so heavenly. The misty mountains and the cool climate set a perfect occasion to spend your holidays. Most of the newly married couples prefer the hill country side for their honeymoon vacation. The scenic views and the breezy cool climate set the tone for a perfect honeymoon vacation. This is the reason why Sri Lankan tourism has excelled in many aspects in this travel industry.

Key Role Of Hill Countries In Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka is the 4th biggest tea producers in the world. This is because of it’s biodiversity and the adaptability to different climates and weathers. The center highland’s of this country is completely carpeted with lush green tea plantation. Tea is an undeniable object in this country. Averagely a person in Sri Lanka drinks three cups of tea per day. That’s the proof of tea’s domination in this country. These tea plantations can be explorable. You can visit the tea estates and the factories on your trip to Sri Lanka. There you can observe the complete process of tea production. And you can learn to make your own tea. Heritance, carolina, dilmah, mackwoods, halpewatta are some famous tea production centers of Sri Lanka. If you are going to make a visit there, it is better to go with a Sri Lanka travel guide or a local guide.

Else from the tea plantation, the hill country offers many more to spend your holidays. If you about explore the hill country of this island, you need to extend your Sri Lanka travel itinerary by days. The waterfalls, green vegetable plantations, mountain ranges give more desire to increase the number of days of your trip to Sri Lanka. The places like Hortain plains, ella, kandy knuckle mountains, adma’s peak, are perfect for the adventure seekers.Gives goosebumps with their stunning views and structures. These giant standing talls are the pillars of success for Sri Lankan tourism.

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