Witness The Wild West Brought to Life at The Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede

It is incredible to think that for more than 100 years, the world-famous Calgary Stampede has been bringing the excitement and history of the North American West back to life. Once a year, in July, the energy of this unique event resonates throughout Calgary, Alberta and brings more than one million people together to celebrate the tradition of this fascinating rodeo.

Calgary Stampede

You really have to make a beeline for this festival if you are holidaying in July in Canada. Holidays that include a few days at this festival can be booked through specialist tour operators and they are to be highly recommended. You get to see all the highlights!

The whole spectacle is a sight to behold, with locals and visitors turning out in cowboy clothes, buildings adorned with Wild West decor and barbeques feeding the masses. Taking place over the course of ten days, this event is the largest of its kind in the world. Parades make their way through the crowded streets, while wagon racing, concerts and lots of other competitions keep visitors amused for the duration of the event.

How Did It Come About?

It really had to be a cowboy who initiated this enormous event; indeed, in 1912 Guy Weadick, an American cowboy, came up with an idea to have a huge frontier contest. He wanted the mammoth rodeo to showcase the best riders and ropers in the world. Unfortunately for Guy, nowhere in America would invest in his vision and so he headed to Canada where the Canadians loved the idea. And so it was that the Calgary Stampede came to fruition and is now a strong tradition in the city. While the focus is on fun and games, the performances have a vivid historical message and are a clear reminder of how life was back in the West.

The Events

The Rodeo

There is little doubt as to the main event here at the Calgary Stampede. If you book a holiday that takes in this annual festival, you are bound to be treated to a first-class view of the cowboys and girls showing off their skills. The high energy and full-on excitement of the rodeo creates an atmosphere that you will never forget, and if this action-packed spectacle isn’t enough for you, the bareback riding, bronco riding and even bull riding have all the ingredients to impress.

The Chuckwagon Derby

If you’re planning on visiting the Calgary Stampede on your holiday, you will also have the chance to watch nine chuckwagon races. The guys and gals involved in these crazy races are made of strong stuff. Everyone entering puts in everything they have and you are guaranteed to witness a truly jaw-dropping event from the very moment the race starts.

calgary stampede Chuckwagon Derby
calgary stampede Chuckwagon Derby

The Grandstand Show

The whole experience is made even more special when you get to see the Grandstand Show, a globally-recognised highlight of this huge event. Fireworks, music, athletics, acrobatics and much more are choreographed to bring the most iconic moments of the city to life. Prepare to be amazed and astounded; the two-hour show marking the end of the whole event is one you will never forget.

There is so much to the Calgary Stampede and you can look forward to amusement park rides, live music, great food, pancake breakfasts and lots more. If you really want to make the most out of your Calgary Stampede experience, you should book with a reputable tour operator. Talking to the experts on hand, you can start planning your exciting holiday to Canada. Holidays are designed to suit your requirements right down to the finest detail.

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