3 Great Ways To Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature In Ladakh


Ladakh is home to one of the most striking landscapes in the country and to some of the most gorgeous lakes, magnificent mountain ranges and fierce rivers. Its unforgiving harsh terrain though bleak, is beautiful beyond doubt and home to some wonderful experiences that help you truly feel at one with nature during your Ladakh tour packages.


There are several types of treks you can take in the stunning land of Ladakh, from easy day-hikes to more challenging treks that span a number of days. With majestic snow-clad peaks, rivers fed by glaciers and rolling hills as far as the eyes can see, the mesmerising landscape of Ladakh is sure to enchant you with its sheer beauty. In winters, you can even trek right on the Zanskar River as the water freezes to solid ice in certain areas. With Buddhist prayer-flags fluttering in the wind, the call of raptors reeling overhead and the bracing chill of this wonderful high-altitude region makes any trek in Ladakh unforgettable.


There are about 225 different bird species that can be sighted in Ladakh including rare and common high-altitude birds, water birds and migratory birds. If you go in the summer you can spot the Indian Redstart and Hoopoe which are migratory birds that fly in from warmer climates. Water birds such as the Brown-headed Gull, Brahmini Duck, Ruddy Sheldrake and Barhead Goose can also be spotted. Ladakh is home to high-altitude birds such as the Tibeten Raven, Red-billed Chough and Chukor. But undoubtedly one of the best sightings you will ever encounter is that of the Black Necked Crane that are only found in Tibet and Ladakh, and no other place on the entire planet. Raptors such as the Golden Eagle and the Lammergeyer Vulture can also be found here, and are in fact, quite a common sight.

River Rafting:

Ladakh is one of the best places in the country for river rafting. You can choose between riding the rapids of the Zanskar River or a slower but equally exciting raft down the Indus River. The icy cold water splashing on you as you tackle the frothing white rapids is an experience of your Ladakh tour package that you won't ever forget. River rafting lets you truly get in touch with nature's elements even as you're transported through the stunning Ladakhi mountain ranges dotted with villages and monasteries. If you have the courage to, you can even jump into the river for a refreshing dip that will rejuvenate you like nothing else can.

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