5 Hot Tips for Grand Canyon National Park Tours that will Amaze You!

For 2015, considering making a trip to the Grand Canyon. Here, you'll have the chance to experience a number of incredible things. To help you get things started, I have five things for you to do.

Tip # 1 – Determine Where You'll Take the Tour

There are two options you can choose to begin your tour from. They are Las Vegas and the South Rim of the Canyon. From Vegas, you can choose to visit the West Rim or the South Rim. If you begin your tour at the South Rim, you'll be left with only one option.

Tip # 2 – Book Early

The next important tip for Grand Canyon tours is to book in advance. These tours tend to be incredibly popular and will sell out quickly. I would recommend you plan on booking months in advance when possible.

Tip # 2 – Book Online

On your list of things to do, ensure that you book your experience over the Internet. That is because you will end up with the best deals possible. You'll also find that the booking process is easier and you'll get precisely what you are looking for.

Tip # 4 – Select a Landing Tour

For the next tip, I feel it is important that you consider a landing tour. These come from Las Vegas and are a better deal when compared to their air only counterparts. A particularly good choice is the Champagne tour as this will take you to the base of the canyon where you can enjoy a picnic.

While considering helicopters and Las Vegas, I think it is important to mention that deluxe tours are an incredible choice. These tours depart from the Strip in Las Vegas and can be a convenient choice, when compared to the Boulder City tours that are cheaper, but often difficult for people. Deluxe tours have hotel pick up services in the back of a limousine and will give you a tour of the world famous Strip.

Tip # 5 – Book a Window Seat

As part of your package, you can choose a window seat for an additional $10 or a front window for only $50 more per person. This gives you a chance to fully experience the incredible views. Just note that the final placement will be up to the pilot and you are only charged if your request can be made. This will give you an edge when you're in a group.

As a bonus tip, it is important to try to book your flight in the morning. This is a good idea, especially in the summer months when the area gets hot. From May through September you can experience temperatures that exceed 100 degrees. It is important to remember that morning flights will also have less turbulence meaning a smoother flight.

With that, it is a good idea to dress as comfortable as you can. Then check a 10-day weather forecast and have an idea on what you might need to bring, checking the weather again the day of your flight. This can help you to have the right clothing on. Of course, you'll find that inside of a bus, helicopter and airplane there will be temperature controls in place.


Hopefully, these five tips help you to secure the best tour of the Grand Canyon possible. I personally book online in advance, as it saves up to 35% when compared to full retail price. So make sure you book ahead and take advantage of the rewards.

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