5 Must See Places in Slovakia

Bratislava capital of Slovakia

Slovakia, the country situated in the center of Europe, has been ruled by Mongols, Hungarians, Ottomans, and the Czechs. The crumbling castles, medieval towns, and the scenic landmark will awe any first-time traveller to Europe. Slovakia came into existence in 1993 and the bull’s eye point for travel enthusiasts. If you plan a trip to Slovakia, let’s see some places that travellers recommend as all-time favourite spots of the city.


travel to Kosice

The city of Kosice has been ruled by the Hungarians, Turks, Czechs, and Slovaks. You will see a myriad of incredible mountains, cultural landmarks, statues, and many other things to check. Kosice is the second-largest city in Slovakia and has great attractions like restaurants, bars, shops, galleries, museums, and theatres. The spectacular town has structures that date back to the 14th century AD and a vast collection of artwork, architecture, and sculpture. Make Kosice your base, from where you can explore new spots and astonishing sights that mark the eastern side of the country.

Spis castle

visit Spis castle Slovakia

Have a tour of the vast ruins of the Spis castle covering a broad range of territory. This is the largest castle complex of entire Central Europe. Take out your time wandering along with the towers and fortifications, a mind-boggling experience. Talk about Slovakia, and the first thing that travelers think of is Spis castle. Although the castle is oblivion in its presence dominates the surrounding topography, a photographer’s delight. You will have much more than only scenic beauty and brimming culture to discover more of this kind of European travel destination.


Bratislava capital of Slovakia

The capital Bratislava is the largest and offers various shades to life, which brings travelers from across the globe. You’ll find a hilltop castle and range of medieval Gothic buildings having some excellent Baroque places for display. You will be amazed to see some communist-era concrete blocks lying along the Danube River that takes its course through the city. The roads are a fantastic mixture of cultures, and you will find it interesting to walk through the mesmerizing mix of old and new blocks, a characteristic feature of Slovakia.

High Tatras

High Tatras

The High Tatras is the home to the tallest mountain in the country and ideal for rock climbing, hiking, and winter sports. The view of the mountain is a majestic view to behold; the jagged peaks and the sparkling alpine lakes show the mush green valley is nothing but the best treat to your eyes. The snow-capped Mount Krivan is the most distinctive peak and majestic sight. The mountain range is grand, and the side trails ideal for all types of outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, skiing, and many others.

Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica is a fascinating city to explore and lies at the center of the caldera. The fabulous wealth of the town is derived from the fatty mineral deposits which used to exist around the city. You will love the fantastic historical site and cultural landmarks. The city proudly possesses incredible castles and open-air museums that are worth checking. You may take a guided tour to inspect the mines underground and how lives used to be. If you are a lover of history, you will enjoy these venues and other romantic places in Slovakia.

Many left to the list are other places like Bardejov, Slovak Paradise National Park, Levoca, Vlkolinec, Orava castle, and others. There is no end to exploring the charming beauty of the country. You will love visiting Slovakia endowed with art, culture, medieval buildings, structures, and National Park. There is nothing so satisfying than exploring unknown places, culture, and history. That’s why you should earn, eat, save, and spend the rest of the traveling.

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