8 Tips For You to Safely Checkin Bags at The Airport

Flight travel is a preference and a privilege. With many new flight companies competing to attract passengers with low cost fares, travelers have huge choice. However, you would surely pay more for your baggage, if you do not follow the rules of baggage allowance. The following tips are discussed exclusively for checkin of bags at the airport.

1. Scrutiny flight ticket before booking

Although the process of checking flight tickets for various destinations is easy on a website, there are many aspects to check and scrutiny before you book a ticket. These are – non-stop flight, layover time for connecting flight, total air time, price and baggage limit.

Flight fare is definitely worth considering as you look for low cost fare to save money while opting for air travel. However, there are other things to consider – if there are too many connecting flights, it makes you tired and to avoid, you need to choose the best air route.

2. Read about baggage allowance in advance

Generally, there are two checkin bags and one carryon for international passengers. However, you also need to verify the weight limit. This is mostly either 23 kgs for each bag and seven kgs for carryon. The dimensions of each bag is also prescribed by each airline. Before you do the booking, verify and confirm the weight. This gives you a complete understanding about the items you can arrange in each. Once you checkin bags, you can only collect them at the destination airport. Ensure to give a thorough reading about baggage weight.

3. Call customer care for luggage queries

In case of any queries, contact the airline customer care on Facebook or call to find out more about the weight and limit of your luggage. Ensure to have complete information from the airline staff before you begin packing. There are also few forbidden items like liquids that you are not permitted to carry. Get a detailed information about the weight limit. Weigh your luggage to ensure that it does not exceed the prescribed limit.

4. Verify Domestic / International ticket

Notice that baggage limit varies for domestic and international travel. There is also a limit on number and the weight. Ensure to follow the procedure, rules and packing process. The info is mostly available on website and ticket. Take time to read it to avoid last minute confusion.

5. Avoid excess weight

It is quite a difficult to process to remove excess items once you are at the airport counter. To prevent this hassle, check at home and also at the airport, before you finally proceed for checkin of your luggage and get your boarding pass. Accommodating items to the limit makes your travel much safer and it also saves your money as airport staff ask you to pay extra if your bag exceeds the weight limit.

6. Follow the Ticket Rules

Taking time to read the ticket followed by baggage allowance saves a lot of time. If you do not understand the baggage rules, call customer care and get all the details. That saves your time. Never assume to pay extra at the airport counter.

7. Checkin without paying extra

As long as you are not exceeding the limit, your luggage is easily checked in and you can get your Boarding Pass easily. Remember, each airline has its own limitations for checkin and carryon luggage. Be prepared to pay extra if you have more weight.

8. Checkin and Carryon dimensions

Each airline has its own dimensions and this is clearly stated in their website. However, it is mostly 62 linear inches with 158 cm length, width and height. The maximum weight cannot exceed 18.1 kg or 40 pounds. If a dimension exceeds, it has a corresponding charge.

For carryon – 22 inches high, 9 inches deep and 14 inches wide including wheels and the handle. It is important to check the dimensions of carry on and choose suitably. Otherwise, it may be rejected at the counter.

Apart from the dimensions, airline also instructs the passengers about the total limit on luggage and this must be followed strictly.


For safe and smooth travel, you need to ensure that your baggage is easily checked in and your claim of bags is also done safely at the destination airport. The only criteria is to get knowledge about baggage to avoid any hassle. If you know it, it should be simple process.

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