A Complete Holiday Itinerary To Mahabaleshwar

Mountains have always held a special attraction. People from corners of the country visit mountains to find solace. The warmth of sun that kisses the lush flora, the cool air that blows the calming melody and the earthy aroma of the soil- it is the connection with the nature that we all yearn for. Mahabaleshwar promises all and thus will always be the favorite among the holidaymakers. For the people living in Mumbai and Pune, it is a perfect weekend getaway spot. A luxury resort in Mahabaleshwar will add that extra zing to your holiday. So before the heat reaches it's scratching high, stuff your bags and head away for the lush green hills surrounded with floating clouds. Some of the best luxury hotel and deluxe resorts in Mahabaleshwar offer best stay packages that include local sightseeing, recreational activities, adventure sport packages to name a few.

The Magical Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and sunset- a daily disappearance of the sun and mere watching the beautiful phenomena can do wonders for a person's mind, body and soul. Wilson Point and Bombay Point in Mahabaleshwar will give you the majestic view of the sunrise and sunset. Many deluxe resorts in Mahabaleshwar will offer cabs and taxis that will take you to these sunset and sunrise points.

Go trekking

When the sweat trails down after the ardous journey to the mountains and the cool winds sweeps it away – you feel a revitalizing gush of adrenaline. Trekking on the belt of Western Ghats in the morning mists is an experience filled with awesomeness. Prepare one day in advance by absorbing all the necessary details about the various trekking tails from the luxury hotel in Mahabaleshwar you will be staying at. Take an early cab because you don't want to miss the morning mists and floating clouds that surround the trekking trail.

Visit Tapola

The best camping site Tapola is a land of scenic beauty. If you have chosen one of the bet deluxe resorts in Mahabaleshwar, than you can reach Tapola by an easy drive of 30 kms. The place is also famous for beautiful strawberry farms and Gerberra nursuries. After camping, you can spend the day at the farm and enjoy the mouth melting flavour of strawberries. Great views and boating site of Shivsagar lake is the must visit and best way to spend a lazy day.

Eat, pray and relax

Beautiful sceneries, mindnumbing adventure activities, lip smacking food and best deluxe resort in Mahabaleshwar – these all are perfect ingredients for perfect vacation. A time away from busy and streneous life, Mahabaleshwar is crowned as the best vacation spot by various travel review websites. Make the most of your time here at Mahabaleshwar by indulding yourself in different activities – trekking, sightseeing, eating, boating and loosing yourself in the harmony of nature.

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