Amazing Things to do in Monte Vista

When you are travelling to a new place, you simply don’t want to come back without visiting a few places that the city or district is famous for. In case of Colorado district, you simply won’t want to come back without touching base with Monte Vista. It is surrounded by snow capped mountains, and has a beautiful scenic view to its credit, which makes it glamorous.

monte vista

Apart from being scenic, it is also known for the splendid nightlife, excellent adventure sports and the lifestyle. Though a small city, it offers great many places that you can visit and make your travel to the city complete.

Let’s talk about things to do in Monte Vista and take you through some of the places you simply cannot ignore while at Monte Vista

The Star Drive-in Theatre

If you are in Monte Vista in Colorado, and have not visited the Best Western Movie Manor, then you are definitely missing out on the star attraction of this town. The privy drive-in theatre in the premises is worth a visit. Either you book a room in the hotel, and watch from the comfort of the room or, you just pay a visit to the theatre to experience a film there. The restaurant and lounge are add-ons for your movie night.

Gators Reptile Park

If you have been to zoos and loved the way the reptiles stay there, you are going to have splendid fun here. The variety of reptiles including crocodiles and alligators will keep you occupied. You will find them lounging in great many ways in here.

Monte Vista Gators Reptile Park

Monte Vista Gators Reptile Park

National Wildlife Refuge

If you are a wildlife lover, then the national wildlife refuge is definitely the place to go. It is located along the San Luis Valley, and is a paradise for those of you who love bird watching and are fond of deers and coyotes. All the animals found here live in their natural habitat. The best time to visit the refuge is sometime around March and September.

Great Sand Dune National Park

Great Sand Dune National Park

Great Sand Dune National Park

This is also located within the San Luis Valley. It is one of the biggest national parks in this region. It preserves many wild animals, and keeps them secure in the natural habitat. Along with the wild animals, this place is also the home for Alpine Lakes, Spruce and Pine forests. It has grasslands and wetlands as well as six peeks of over 13000 feet elevation.

Zapata Falls

Along the hiking trail, at a distance of 0.8km, lies the great Zapata falls, which makes you feel all close to Mother Nature. It is up hill but not too steep, making the climb easy. It is in fact one of the best journeys you will have in the city of Colorado.

Monte Vista Wildlife Service Centre

This is a must-visit place if you want to buy hunting and fishing gears. It will offer you everything that you need to go hunting or fishing in this region, which is also one of the favourite sports of the people residing here. You will even get conservation stamp, and other sporting goods here. You can even buy fishing licenses here. It is located along the eastern side of Monte Vista.
Apart from all these, you also have the narrow gauge railway line to enjoy in this city. If you haven’t been to all these places, your journey stays incomplete. So, get your checklists out, and mark these go-to places now!

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